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Ok, so I'm an avid Project Runway watcher and there's a song they play during the elimination of every show (at least the new season). You can usually hear it when the person is hugging everyone and packing up his/her stuff. It's usually played really softly, which makes it hard to decipher. It's when the piano and guitar tune kicks in and you can hear someone going "ah" over and over again. I dunno! I just know I love that part. Anyone have any idea?
Someone's gotta know this one. The episode ending right now is about to play it. And at 10:00, they're airing the newest episode which will feature that song. It's in every single episode, guys! Someone on here knows it..... :unsure:
Speaking of Project Runway, I was watching that yesterday and I heard some electronic music in the background while the models were showcasing there clothes on the runway, and the contestants were commenting on their appearences. Could anyone help me with that. It aired on 8/23/06, I forget what time, possible mid afternoon eastern standard time. Thanks
Ok, back to the original question....I know some of you were watching it tonight. They play it EVERY episode when they're kicking someone off.

Why does it have to be made for the show!? :angry: Gah....thanks.
I care because it's only 1:11. It's not a whole song. It's just a soundfile for the show. If it were a song, I could use for it one of my dance classes this year.... <_<
You could always loop certain parts to make it longer if that's what you mean.
Yeah, I could, but if you're sitting in an audience watching a dance recital, do you really wanna hear that looped about 3 times? Thanks for the song though. Maybe he'll make it a full length one someday.
Yeah, I wanted to know the song played during Uli's collection in the finale--kind of bright and Christmas-y sounding. :huh:
does anyone know the song that was playing during Michaels collection? and also the song that was playing during Jeffreys? thankss
I would also like to know Uli's runway song. It sounds like something out of the The Sims soundtrack :D
I know the one for Jeffrey.The song is "Swing" by Lifter, the band Jeffrey is in.
I have no idea what Michaels' music was.
anyone know the name of the song (and artist) played during each of the designers showing, at the fashion show?
YES!! I loved the song played during Michael's line..anyone know what that was??
Originally posted by Indochine@Oct 18 2006, 07:01 PM
Yeah, I wanted to know the song played during Uli's collection in the finale--kind of bright and Christmas-y sounding. :huh:
Uli's was by Barefoot Music. The song is called: Doggy Fun.

Unfortunately, this song was made special for her and we can't get it anywhere. It isn't going to be on the Season 3 Soundtrack either!

It might be released on iTunes in the near future.

<_< STINKS!!!!
I love this site. Very humorous, but interesting comments on Project Runway.

Laura's Runway Music is done by Sam Shaffer (Spot On Sounds) done with Adam Balazs.
What's that song called when Tim comes into the work room to explain the design task? They play it every episode on that part. It's a really calm beat.