project runway

  1. E

    Eleven Minutes

    "Eleven Minutes" on Apple Movie Trailers: Does anyone recognize the song that plays at the beginning of the trailer and stops when Jay McCarroll says, "I want to earn the respect of the New York fashion community." The song's duration is...
  2. R

    Project Runway Season 5

    For the first half of the episode they played a heavy rock/industrial/electronic song in the transitions. Any ideas? thanks
  3. thesassycynic

    Project Runway Season 3

    Ok, so I'm an avid Project Runway watcher and there's a song they play during the elimination of every show (at least the new season). You can usually hear it when the person is hugging everyone and packing up his/her stuff. It's usually played really softly, which makes it hard to decipher...
  4. S

    Project Runway Season 2

    Any idea what the music that is played when there are two designers left on the runway (the bottom two). It's a different music than is played when there are 3+ left. Any help? Much appreciated!
  5. M

    Project Runway Season 1

    Project Runway "Farewell" song does anyone know the name of the last track which plays under the scene when the eliminated designer cleans up their workspace? thanks
  6. N

    Project Runway

    hello all. i'm looking for a song that is being used in the new promo's for the new Bravo series starring Hedi Klum titled "Project Runway," where clothing designers are vying for the "america's next top fashion designer" title. the song was also used in an old VH1 promo over a year ago. i...