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hello all.

i'm looking for a song that is being used in the new promo's for the new Bravo series starring Hedi Klum titled "Project Runway," where clothing designers are vying for the "america's next top fashion designer" title. the song was also used in an old VH1 promo over a year ago. i tried searching the _vh1 route, but couldn't find anything that matched the song i was looking for. the song has an upbeat tempo, with a sound that is similar to junior senior / paul oakenfeld.

lyrics i can remember are the repitition of the words "UH HUH THAT'S RIGHT" as well as "YOU DON'T NEED TO (can't remember lyrics) YOU DON'T NEED TO TELL."

this song has been my earworm for such a long time, and it was only upon seeing it on Bravo again that i realized i NEEDED to find it and buy it.

ANYTHING you could pass along would be helpful.

and i apologize in advance to the moderator if this question has already been answered. i truly have spent evenings on these forums, checking ever possible post and sampling suggestions off amazon.
That's a fun song. You can find two versions of the song on Fischerspooner's "#1" album.
does anyone know the name of the song for the project runway thing on bravo with the lyrics everybody wants you?
Probably 'Everybody Wants You to Emerge' (Barry Harris Revamp) - FISCHERSPOONER vs. BILLY SQUIER.

From the soundtrack of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

I am interested in knowing the producer/title of the track on a particular Project Runway commercial. There are a few commercials, I am interested in the electronic song, the 2step / new school breaks track.

If theres anyway i can find out what that is, thatd be sweet.
anyone know the song they're using in the season 3 promo ads? it's driving me CRAZY.... thanks!
Hi - if you like the song "Oh My" please consider buying it on iTunes, or better yet, the whole Mellowdrone album, which is called "Box". Mellowdrone are a great band and Box is a really amazing album. It's also available from amazon or wherever you like to buy music. This is great band, but they're young, they're struggling, and could use your help. Find out more about Mellowdrone at or . Thank you!!
I would also like to add that they are on tour right now. They have a couple of dates left with She Wants Revenge and Ima Robot, then they're going to be with Monsters Are Waiting for a month or so. They're in the northeast right now. All confirmed dates are listed on their myspace site:

I strongly, strongly recommend seeing them live. They put on a great show; some of my all-time favorite live performers!
Project Runway Preview

There is a commercial on lifetime for season 6 of Project Runway with a constant beat and a woman singing. It's not the basement jaxx has more of a techno beat. Any help would be great :)
I am also looking for the song played on season 6 promo, shown here on Youtube:

I can't tell yet if they are the same song, just different parts.
Project Runway LIFETIME 2010 Music

What is the song that is playing for the promo running on Lifetime for Project Runway Season Premiere?

Project Runway - "NY Groove" Remix

I keep seeing this season's ProjRunway ads with what sounds to be a remix of Ace Frehley's (KISS) "New York Groove." Is it a remix? Who does it? Where can I get it? It's driving me nuts...I love the song, and the up-tempo danceable remix sounds awsome.
New York Groove - Ace Frehley of Kiss...big hit in 78 or so...but I think this is a remix, which I'm trying to determine with post in a separate thread/topic
Thanks WillieB i was looking up on what song that was too. If you do happen to get the name of the remix. Be sure to share.
I'd like to know the name of the tune behind the promo for the Season opener (2011) of Project Runway - some of the lyrics:

There'll be judgement in the morning......
You're gonna reap just what you sow