1. F

    Bravo Summer promo

    What is the song in the BRAVO Summer promo?
  2. M

    Miami Social

    I just happened to catch part of episode three, which aired last night. After one of the commercial breaks there are some aerial shots of Miami and shots of one of the cast driving her Range Rover throughout the area. There is an electronic sounding beat building up in the background, it...
  3. D

    Bravo Canada

    Hello Everyone; I was wondering if anyone here knows the name of a song used by Bravo, usually used in their commercials for Sunday Night Cinema. The song has a rock sound to it and the lyrics are something along the lines of: "I've gotta go, gotta get away" and/or maybe "take me away" Here...
  4. M

    The Rachel Zoe Project

    Does anyone know the opening song for this show? Cant make it out, but would like to know...
  5. P

    Top Chef

    Does anyone know what the song that Top Chef has been using recently for advertising the show? Its kinda-Spanish sounding.
  6. B

    Shear Genius

    Does anyone know the song playing in the long version of the commercial? They played the commercial during this week's episode of Top Design.
  7. thesassycynic

    Project Runway Season 3

    Ok, so I'm an avid Project Runway watcher and there's a song they play during the elimination of every show (at least the new season). You can usually hear it when the person is hugging everyone and packing up his/her stuff. It's usually played really softly, which makes it hard to decipher...
  8. S

    Project Runway Season 2

    Any idea what the music that is played when there are two designers left on the runway (the bottom two). It's a different music than is played when there are 3+ left. Any help? Much appreciated!
  9. M

    Project Runway Season 1

    Project Runway "Farewell" song does anyone know the name of the last track which plays under the scene when the eliminated designer cleans up their workspace? thanks
  10. N

    Project Runway

    hello all. i'm looking for a song that is being used in the new promo's for the new Bravo series starring Hedi Klum titled "Project Runway," where clothing designers are vying for the "america's next top fashion designer" title. the song was also used in an old VH1 promo over a year ago. i...
  11. Q

    Celebrity Poker Showdown

    It's one of those songs that I know I've heard before. It has an out-of-control rock feel to it ... kinda shambling and peppy. That's not helpful, I'm sure, but ... Thanks.