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Project Runway "Farewell" song

does anyone know the name of the last track which plays under the scene when the eliminated designer cleans up their workspace?

i noticed you posted this on the 8th. . .but i would like to know the song that played on the episode aired on Dec 15th when Starr got eliminated and she was cleaning up her work space. .there are no lyrics. .and it's just music

i believe a rerun of the show airs saturday at 7 pm and sunday at 10 pm on BRAVO just incase anyone is interested in the show
in every show, that same track is used when the eliminated contestant is cleaning up their workspace.
This song has been driving me nuts as well. I have been looking high and low for an answer. I'll let you know if a song title or artist turns up in my ongoing quest.
I've been looking everywhere for this song, too! I tried the Project Runway website, searching on Google and Yahoo! for weird things like "Project Runway +song," but I got nothing. A couple nights after I'd seen the first few episodes of the show and had tried to find the song, I watched the movie Wimbledon. In one scene, the song playing sounded very familiar to what plays on Project Runway. I'm not sure if it's the same song, but it could be "Stay Don't Go" by Spoon off their album Kill the Moonlight. Again, I'm not positive that it is in fact the song that plays on Project Runway, but it sounded realllly similar.

Hope that helps!
Ok, at the end of every episode of Project Runway, there is this music that is played when the loser talks about being voted off. Does ANYONE know what it is? I'm on the verge of insanity.

Please HELP!
This is annoying me too. I've been trying to figure it out for weeks. I wrote to ASCAP last week, but they have not answered me yet. I'll post the answer if I find it. I hope you will too! :)
Can you describe the song at all and are there any lyrics that you know of? :)
My guess is that it was recorded specifically for the show. It's not part of a song that can be purchased or downloaded.
the track is called "Breath On Me" (the farewell theme) and was composed by Harold Barefoot Sanders III, published by MotiCo Music.
What's the song used on Kara's last runway show on the finale? It went like "One, two, three , four hit it!" and the rest was instrumental/techno.

You are one step ahead of me. Oh and if anyone know's both Jay's and Wendy's songs, do tell.
Id like to know the one playing during Wendy's as well. I was gonna check the website, but in the previous Project Runway topic, someone already had and said there was no info on these particular songs. Anyone?
I'm so glad people are asking this question. Kara Saun's track was awesome.

Does anyone know the songs played during the collections of the final 3 designers?
Not yet, but it seems like everyone's looking.

Wendy Pepper's site says that she used Lisa Reagan for her's.
Nathan over on the Project Runway board taped the show and credits say:

Kara Saun's used jason "jfk" flemming, Wendy Pepper usedd Lisa Reagan (song title L'infini), Jay McCarroll used Erin Anderon and Thomas Carson.
A follow up to what Spilt's already mentioned:

Wendy Pepper's Runway music is "A l'infini."

Kara Saun's music is supposedly being posted by the composer to the net for download in the near future.

I've found nothing on Jay's music beyond what's already been mentioned above by Spilt.
Over on the Bravo boards, the DJ who put together Kara's track posted the following:

I am making this post in regards to the over whelming response to my music that has been posted on the message board. My name is Jason "JFK" Fleming. I am a 20 year old up and coming record producer in Hollywood, California. I was asked by Kara's management to provide music for her show and I was more than willing. I was able to come up with the tracks with the help of Production Supervisor, Jakeem "J Ali" Jones (of Muzic Monsterz Productions). I am currently working with a long list of artists in the industry. The runway track as well as 2 others that did not air will
be available for download shortly. Anyone looking to download these tracks will
be able to do so via a website TBD.

Once again thanks to everyone for the complements and thanks to Nathan for posting on my behalf.