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Any idea what the music that is played when there are two designers left on the runway (the bottom two). It's a different music than is played when there are 3+ left.

Any help? Much appreciated!
I am watching the "Project Runway" season two reunion show and there was a song that I have heard a few times before but haven't been able to find. The scene it was in tonight was Chloe on the runway. I think it was during the discussion they had in the last episode when Daniel V., Kara, and Santino were discussing who they would prefer to take with them to the final three. The song is not one of the custom-composed score pieces that are available on the internet. It sounds like they took it from somewhere else, because the track features vocals and is almost African-sounding, like something you would hear on a Pure Moods cd. It isn't on every episode but I have heard it before.

Anyone else looking for this one or recognize it?
Does anyone know what the techno-y song is that is played during the models walking down the catwalk wearing the fashions of the designers on the show? Thanks!
The website is great and lets you download all the songs that usually play on the show..but I think I, myself am more interested in Chloe's catwalk music. It sounds quite I don't think it was specially made..but I could be wrong. Does anyone know it?
I was referring to the challenges, not the finale runway. He made the post on March 7, at which time, the finale didn't air yet.
Looking for a song from Season 2 of Project Runway. It's in a few episodes, but namely the one I can remember off hand is from the finale.

It sounds a bit like the artist Paul Oakenfold, but I really have no idea what the song is, but it sounds very familiar.

sounds kinda like either Crystal Method or Oakenfold, but sorry, can't be more help than that.
Anyone know the song that is played during Chole Dao's finale show? It's also on the opening page of her boutique website.

Originally posted by TheVariable@Apr 3 2006, 06:48 AM
The song is Ready Steady Go! by Paul Oakenfold
i think it is too but some kind of remix of it.
Does any one know the song Daniel Vosovic *pant,pant* played during his Final Show at Fashion week last season????..its kind of a techno theme and im dying to get it!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Does anyone know the song Daniel V. uses for his Finale in Project Runway Season 2????please help me im dying to get it!!!
Originally posted by Sonikform@Nov 6 2006, 09:38 AM
Does anyone know the song Daniel V. uses for his Finale in Project Runway Season 2????please help me im dying to get it!!!
you could try emailing his webmaster ...