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It's one of those songs that I know I've heard before. It has an out-of-control rock feel to it ... kinda shambling and peppy. That's not helpful, I'm sure, but ...

yeah, that's it. thank you. i had seen the video for this song before. it's pretty cool -- everything is made out of yarn, and well ... you just have to see it.
this ones been killing me the songs fast and pretty recent i've seen the video for it with like string people and weird stuff but i have no clue what the song is called, its from the celbrity poker commercial on bravo
The song your looking for is called "walkie talkie man" by steriogram. hope this helps you out. :)
Whoa, I never knew there would be a website with so many like me clinging onto tunes they see on commercials.

My question comes from a newer Celebrity Poker Showdown promo on Bravo, it is advertising the new season. It is not the 'Walkie Talkie Man' song which has been previously answered.

It sound sort of like a rock song, sort of, with the only lyric I caught being 'I Get Live' or something to that effect.

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During the preview, Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown used a song that I can't identify.
It had a guy sing really quickly till the chorus, then it slowed down.
And no, not "Hey ya" cause I have that song and know what it sounds like.

I thought it was a cover of the Beatles song "With a little help from friends" but I don't know if that is it and if it is I definately have no clue who sings it.

Basically, the song is eating my brain and any help would be greatly appreciated.