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Some thing happened to my Photoshop while I was using the eye dropper, my window background has turned to a greenish blue. (from the usual windows default gray).

Here's a snapshot.

Anybody know how to turn it back?
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oh wait, that wasn't the question..

Maybe it's just one of the random appearance settings (you know, how sometimes you can choose what colour you want your window, and what toolbar appears where). did you change any settings? Or did it just randomly happen?
Originally posted by SiDe@Oct 21 2005, 09:19 PM
Because you touch yourself at night!
Someones been watching too much Family Guy. :lol:
Select the color you want to replace that blue. Using the Paint Bucket tool, click the bad window color while pressing Shift or Control (I can't remember which it is at the moment). It will change the color to whatever you currently have selected as your Paint Bucket color.
Haha, I was about to tell you how to fix it but medhead beat me to the punch. :D
Originally posted by Enyone@Oct 24 2005, 03:31 AM
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