My crazy labor story...


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Okay, well you know how I was supposed to be induced at 7pm on Monday? We get there at 7 and check in and they tell us it's going to be a while because people keep going into labor. So we sit in the waiting room and just watch prego after prego walk around the corner in labor and get admitted. We did not get back into a room until midnight. Then they just gave me a sleeping pill and said we would start in the morning. So 5 am they put the labor inducing drug potocin (sp?) into my IV. All is well for a few hrs and they kept upping the dosage. Then I started having like bad ass contractions that didn't die down. It was like one constant contraction. They told me that it was up too high and that was the reason for it being constant. I had them give me an epidural at that time cause I was in so much pain at that point. They did and then lowered the doage. Then an hour or so later I started getting sick. :sick: They gave me something for that and it was only like a couple hrs after that I was ready to go. They started the labor process and throughout I kept saying that I could feel this and that and then pain started getting worse and worse. They were like, "oh just push that button and it gives you more medicine." I pushed it and nothing. Didn't notice any difference. Well, after 3 hrs of labor I was not feeling the contractions because I had this constant pain from a pressure that I felt on my pelvic bone. They said that he was turned on his side instead of facing towards my back and that his head was tilted to it's side. (like if you were to put your ear to your shoulder.) He was completely stuck, not going anywhere after 3 hrs of this. I kept telling them that I could feel that he was stuck on that bone and I was in the worst pain ever. They had the anesthiologist (sp?) come in and she said she would put some numbing meds into my epidural. When she did it I told her that it felt like she was just squirting water or something on my back. She basically told me, "oh well, sometimes it feels like that." 30 minutes later the pain was worse and she came back and couldn't believe that the meds had not kicked in yet. So she checks my epidural and says, "Omg it's completely fallen out!" So at this point I had not had any meds for who knows how long. The Dr decided to do an emergency C-section because the baby was stuck. So they wheel me back to surgery and stick me in the spine this time completely numbing me from ribs down.

They got Connor, and he's a healthy 8lbs 1 oz and all is well at this point. Sean gets to take him to the nursery while I lay there getting stitched up. During this process I get sick yet again. This lasts all night. I couldn't keep anything down. Next day I'm much better finally get to hold my baby. Another day goes by and then I start having these headaches. The last day there everytime I sat up I got like an instant migraine. But if I layed back down instant relief. Well, I find out that this means my spine is leaking spinal fluid. So to fix this they have to do what's called a blood patch. They basically take vile of blood from my arm and then inject it into my spine. This takes care of the headache and they tell me I'll feel like I have a bruise on my back.

We finally get out of the hospital, my back hurting like hell but I'm on my way home and happy. My back continues to hurt and an hour and a half later I'm on the couch and cannot walk. I was freaking out cause I thought for sure they had screwed up my back. So I page the doctor on call and he says that because I got stuck so many times in the back that the muscles are spasming and to just lay on a heating pad.

After all that my back is much better and I can finally get back to normal. What's weird is that everything that happened they kept saying that stuff like that rarely happens. :rolleyes:

It was definately all worth it though and I've got the best baby ever!

Except yesterday our AC broke in our house and it was 90 degrees today. :( Hopefully Sean can get it fixed.
I get all pissed when I hear hospital stories like this.. They don't seem to be doing the kind of checking a mechanic would do on a car.. :angry:

Glad you are okay. I'd advice you though, to get all the records from the hospital, and file it. They are required by law to release it to you. Since your back and spinalcord is involved, things may comeback and cause problems when you are older...
Originally posted by cultclassic@Oct 17 2005, 07:19 PM
I get all pissed when I hear hospital stories like this.. They don't seem to be doing the kind of checking a mechanic would do on a car.. :angry:
Yeah exactly, I'm sick and tired of med-happy doctors.. but as long as Mr. Babyhead is finally here and he's ok then YAY!! :woo:
I'm sorry to hear that rhonda. Stupid docters. :angry:

I'm glad that the baby turned out ok though :)