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Dudes, did ya catch the new whacked out song from the where the coke vanilla truck and pepsi vanilla truck are at the stoplight and then the pepsi truck suddenly uses its hydraulics, the rims become chrome, and subwoofers pop out from the side of the truck? If anyone caught the song please refresh my memory. Any help is gr8ly appreciated.
LOL that commercial kills me.
Don't know the Pepsi truck song, but for anyone interested, the Coke truck is playing "Ridin' the Storm Out" by REO Speedwagon.
thanx dude. michelle i need help finding the actual commercial on the net, please post the site. Thanx for the help ADTUNE buds!
Hehe.. someone thinks I'm cool. B)

(BTW ya know I'm a chick right?)
in that case thanks babe
could u help me find the name of the song for the "we've been waiting for you" united states air force commercial where the kid goes from bike riding, to skateboarding down a car garage ramp, to looje boarding (where you have a skateborading you lay down on sort of like a tobogon[sled], they go down steep highways), to parasailing, and finally to flying in a f22 raptor jet? respond with ne help, i'd gr8tly appreciate it.
I been looking for it m'self.. I KNOW I know it, I just can't place it.. think my brother has the cd so I'll check. :p
Please post your responses on the Air Force ad in the actual Air Force Ad thread. It's hard to keep up with where to post what when it's spread across in different unrelated topics.

It also detracts from the original purpose of this thread -- finding the Pepsi Vanillla ad song.