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I thought I'd seen someone ask this question but I did a search and can't find the thread.. oh well, if someone did ask, now you have the answer.. and if someone already answered it, now ya have the answer twice.
It's the ad with two people dressed up, one as a huge cup of Pepsi, the other in a hot dog suit, and they're hugging each other at the end (only caught the tail end, so I don't know what's happening at the beginning but I'm pretty sure there's not a lot of ads featuring hot dogs hugging Pepsis so that should narrow it down significantly).
The song is "No Rain" by Blind Melon from their self titled album. :)

PS - I just now saw another Pepsi commercial, where a man makes a sandwich then walks away from it, and his dog mows it down then grabs the cat and puts it on the table to make it look like kitty ate the sammich.. and so anyway, that song is Johnny Rivers's "Secret Agent Man", which you can find on his Greatest Hits album.
Originally posted by dascoot@Nov 25 2003, 05:14 PM
but I'm pretty sure there's not a lot of ads featuring hot dogs hugging Pepsis so that should narrow it down significantly).
:lol: i really hope i see this commercial now! :p
Just thought I'd ad that you can see these spots at Pepsi they are called Summer job & Just lunch respectively. And yes you're spot on Dascoot with the music. I was gonna say that the mud one is MXPX but I see that thats been answered in another thread.
hi all :)

ok yet again, i needa know another commercial song! :)

it was a girl who was standing like on the sidewalk, dressed as a hot dog. she was trying to hand out flyers and no one would take them and she got frustrated. but then, she saw a cute guy dressed as a can of pepsi. (really sweet comm)

newayz, i tried doing the search on my own thru google, but nothing came up. i used to remember what i was searching for with the song lyrics but ive forgotten, otherwise i'd add to this post just as a refreshener. but hopefully, you guys know what im talkin about.

well... do ya!?

*lol* thanx in advance :)
I am surprised that I could not find information about this commercial anywhere online. I forgot the lyrics to the song so all I have is a description of the commercial:

The commercial starts with a girl dressed up in a hot dog costume trying to give people pamplets for wenner world. She can't get people to take them and she doesn't look like she is having a good time. She looks across the street and sees a boy dressed up in a pepsi costume. They smile and walk to the middle of the street to meet. Then you hear "Pepsi loves hot dogs and hot dogs love pepsi."

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I found out the song by searching in google and finding a page a ways down..

The song is No Rain by Blind Melon.

Now, how do I delete this thread?
Ahh, but the information WAS online. All you had to do was search the forum and you would have found this.
And you can't delete your thread. But like JCA has said before, why would you want to? Your question helps other people.

And off the subject, I'd like to ask.. how old are you?
The hotdog girl Pepsi Commercial is pretty cool, but I have a question.

I know that the song playing is Blind Melon's song "No Rain", which's video was originally shown on TV in 1993. In the video there was featured a slightly chubby girl with glasses, dressed like a bee, who looked around 10 years old or so, at the time.

Fast forward a decade, and the former "Bee Girl" would now be around 20 yrs old, which is about how old Pepsi's "Wiener World" girl looks.

So my question is, is Pepsi's "Wiener World"/Hotdog Girl the former "Bee Girl" from Blind Melon's "No Rain" music video? Whatever happened to the "Bee Girl," does anyone know?
As far as I know, it's not her (I could be wrong though). The Bee Girl (aka Heather DeLoache) has been in a few movies, including "A Little Princess" (complete filmography here).
Wouldn't that be neat if she was connected to that song again, in another ridiculously cute costume as well? :)

Reminds me that I read last month or so about the kid pictured on the cover of Nirvana's album, "Nevermind," is all grown up and on the cover of yet another album. Random, but interesting... B)
Ok Whats the song in the commercial where the girl dressed as a hot dog she's passing out flyers and stuff and then meets the guy dressed as a pepsi and they all live happily ever after n blah blah blah lol anyone know the song?
Never Mind if anyone wnats to know the sogns called No Rain by Blind Melon :D
There was a Pepsi commercial, don't know if it is still aired, but it is the one with the guy dressed as a pepsi can, and a girl as a hot dog. if anyone knows the song they play i'd appreciate it. Thanks! :D
:lol: I didn't remember this one ever coming up. I went to adland for a listen. :blush:
Omg i love you :p.. i seen this commercial like 20 times and feel inlove with it.. just have how much of dorks they are.. and i have been looking for the song forever.. finally i found it on this site..

Not many people say hey do you no that song from the commercial with the girl dreseed up in a soda costum and the huy in a hotdog costum
What's the song used in Pepsi ad?
Featuring Pepsi man and hot dog girl in it.
The song sounds really familiar.