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This advert i'm guessing is exclusive to the chicagoland area and i assume that since the music was so cool and repetitive that it was made for the commercial. in the commercial there was a guy stick figure who woke up, coffee in hand, and walked out the door to the stick paper boy who throws the newspaper at him. the guy gets on the train for his daily commute and opens up the metro section. the train stops suddenly and the stick dude flies into the seat ahead of him only to land on his future bride's lap. together they look at the travel section and run to their honeymoon spot with their tux and dress on. the next scene the stick figure groom searches on the computer and finds the trib's section on sales. the stick young'ns gather around and before u know it they jump outside onto a tobogan and slide up and down hills. it's kind of a random jumpy way to sum up one's life with the chicago trib making them successful. i know it seems like i know way too much about the commercial but it's only cuz i haven't been able to shake the technoish track from my head. it sounds like bubbles being popped gently. however weird it may seem i can't describe the synthesizer sound any other way. well, i'm out of info and hopefully u took the time to read and help me out. ur feedback is much appreciated.
Yeah, I live in Chicago and I've been seeing that ad too.. it has a great tune.. really fun sounding. I'll try to research it.
Okay, this is what I have so far:
J.J. Sedelmaier did the iconic graphics for the ad campaign... and the campaign itself was put together by DDB Chicago.

I'll keep looking.
great, thx 4 the info and feedback. :) can u pinpoint the instrument or setting on the synthesizer being played plz? i'm addicted that bubbly sort of music now and watch tv just for that commercial sometimes.
The song is called "Love Anthem" and can be downloaded from the Chicago Tribune website...
thank you taggedspace!! i shoulda looked at the tribune's website earlier. but nonetheless ur a lifesaver. thanks a mill :)
It's a bubbly tune with no words. Sounds electronic. It would make an awesome ringtone. It has the little animated Chicago Tribune man or whatever...
Does anybody know if it has a name?