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There's a new Pepsi ad that features both a Pepsi and coke truck, and the song playing in the background (on the truck's radio, I believe) is just fantastic. The only lyrics I can clearly make out are "like a fiery supernova," and the singer's voice sounds an awful lot like Stephin Merritt, of the Magnetic Fields. The song is very sensitive-indie rock, and definitely sounds like something that was probably recorded in the last five years. I can't seem to find a ding-dong thing about this tune anywhere on the web, so help would be very much appreciated! B)

(It's just driving me nuts!)
hard one, did a search on google and only found a post on some other site that was also inconclusive...i'll keep an eye out, gota work now though
I've been trying to find out what this song is too, but so far no luck.
If it helps anyone, this commercial involves a Pepsi truck and Coke truck pulling up the the same stop. The Coke truck driver gets out and goes behind the Pepsi truck. There's a dummy (mannequin) In the passenger seat of the Coke truck and the Pepsi truck driver tries talking to it. Meanwhile, the Coke truck driver breaks into the back of the Pepsi truck and steals some Pepsi (which you see him drinking after the Pepsi truck drives away.
I'm never really paying attention when the commerical comes on, so I can't offer any accurate lyrics, but "love, like a fiery supernova" definately is in there...sadly, there are no lyrics that reflect that online that I could find.
I hope someone can help. Thanks!
I'm 90% on the "your love is like a fiery supernova" line (which melody sounds a lot like the classic Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire to me), but I still haven't had any luck with this one. It's nutty. The singer really sounds like Stephin Merritt to me, but I haven't been able to confirm or deny that hunch yet. This one's a huge stumper. I'm close to emailing Pepsi about this!
Wow... I posted the exact same description about this song as well on another site... ITS DRIVINGN ME NUTS...

If anyone can help PLEASE DO SO..

it does sound like cash but cash has no song with those lyrics...

if an answer doesn come up please send an email to me at

A month later, and still no progress whatsoever. Hmm. There's a longer version of the ad on now, and you can hear more of the song's lyrics. It sounds like the singer's saying "catching every moment with (or maybe "like") a glove, my little dove."

This one's a stumper.
nope... not either.. its a male singing in the commercial.. it sounds like burning ring of defintely not... man... this is a toughie