Pepsi "Rain" dancing


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It starts out with a girl drinking a Pepsi in the rain(obviously) then the music begins with a fast whistling-type sound. The techno beat kicks in shortly thereafter, then as she is running along the street a piano part kicks in which doubles the main melody at the beginning. After that, there is a reprise of the whistling toward the end.

Since that is a poor description, here is the link to the TV Ad section of the Pepsi website

Select the commercial entitled "Rain" (60 seconds).

Thanks for any help.
Sounds like the same music from the Jimmy Fallon dancing commercial...

"Streamline" by Newton
That site is down, but adrants seems convinced it's the song so I believe this is answered.
Have you seen the pepsi commercial called "rain"?
It features Eva Longoria dancing around in the rain as everyone else seeks shelter

It features this awsome techno track and i can not find the name of it anywhere

help would be appreciated