1. L

    Pepsi "Are You Fan Enough"

    Might be music made specifically for the ad, but if anyone knows what this is I'd appreciate the info: Thanks!
  2. R

    Pepsi Romania Gheorghe Hagi and Marius Moga football

    Does anyone knows what song is in this commercial? Is not an american one, but I found it on other forum and seems that no one knows who is the singer!
  3. D

    Pepsi "Now In A Moment"

    I know the song, but does anybody know the remix?
  4. P

    Pepsi Max "Love Hurts"

    Does anyone know what song this is in one of the Pepsi MAX ads that aired during the Super Bowl? It's a classical piece, so this one might be challenging.
  5. J

    Pepsi Back to Football NFL 2011

    I saw this ad during the Pro Bowl and would like to know the name of the song.
  6. A

    Pepsi Refresh

    I think the first pepsi refresh commercial got discontinued and replaced with the one that has the black eyed peas. I'm talking about the techno sounding song that was on the pepsi commercial where they're like painting a skate ramp thing or something. It was a really cool sounding song and the...
  7. K

    Pepsi Shaolin monks kung-fu

    Does anyone know who the composer is of the (sounds like a cello, i think) music in the pepsi commercial where the kid shows up at the Shaolin monks temple and is eventually initiated by crushing the Pepsi can with his forehead? It's gorgeous and I cannot find mention of the song or writer...
  8. P

    Pepsi Refresh Project

    does anyone know the name of the song in the new pepsi refresh ad?????
  9. D4Ni13


    Hy All, I'm trying to find a song from a pepsi football commercial in 2007. The ad is called Pepsi Shuffle and you can see it here: Does anyone know the song? Please Help :)
  10. C

    Pepsi Refresh Anthem Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am

    Hi again. I was wondering if anybody knew the name of the video that plays at 0:48sec in the Will I Am and Bob Dylan Pepsi Commercial? Here's the Link: Thanks for any help.
  11. leone

    Pepsi "Pass"

    "My Generation" by the Who (Amazon)
  12. A

    Pepsi robot dance

    Anyone know title of the last song of this commercial? When man is carrying box of pepsi, I really want it ;]
  13. codeman38

    Pepsi logo

    So this promo regarding Pepsi's new logo has been making its way around YouTube:'s got some interesting choices of music. I know that the first tune is "The Audience is Listening" by Cut Chemist, made rather famous by that iTunes ad a while ago. But does anyone know what the...
  14. C

    Pepsi pinball

    What is the name of the song in the new pepsi pinball style commercial? In the commercia, a huge pepsi ball is rolling through a parking garage and street like in a big pinball game. The song sounds like it's in French. I believe it's a new commercial beause today is the first time I've seen it.
  15. T

    Pepsi marching band

    anyone know the song from the pepsi band ad? it sounds really farmiliar its where the band starts playing a hip hop song after the guy drinks the pepsi if you didnt know.
  16. H

    Pepsi "Rain" dancing

    It starts out with a girl drinking a Pepsi in the rain(obviously) then the music begins with a fast whistling-type sound. The techno beat kicks in shortly thereafter, then as she is running along the street a piano part kicks in which doubles the main melody at the beginning. After that, there...
  17. F

    Pepsi "Spontaneous Combustion" Jimmy Fallon and Parkey Posey dancing

    Pepsi "Spontaneous Combustion" Jimmy Fallon and Parkey Posey dancing Does anyone know the name of the song in the Pepsi commercial with Jimmy Fallon dancing on the cars in the street? It's a techno type song.
  18. G

    Diet Pepsi vending machines forklift

    in the commercial u see a diet pepsi vending machine along side a diet coke one and a person picks the diet pepsi and they change the diet coke to diet coke w/ splenda and then to coke zero. anyways the song goes something like "have u ever have to make up mind? did youu ever have to finally...
  19. G

    Pepsi Blue monks

    in this mountain dew commercial there were monks and there was also a rock band in's kind of hard to's an older commercial..a few months old i think :unsure: