Diet Pepsi vending machines forklift



in the commercial u see a diet pepsi vending machine along side a diet coke one and a person picks the diet pepsi and they change the diet coke to diet coke w/ splenda and then to coke zero. anyways the song goes something like "have u ever have to make up mind? did youu ever have to finally decide?"

you can see the ad at pepsi's website
"Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind" by The Lovin Spoonful

You can hear a clip here, track 5.
the commercial shows the diet pepsi vending machine sitting there with people purchasing diet pepsi, and forklifts are coming every few seconds switching out different coke flavored vending machines, in the hopes that people will start to choose the coke products. the song asks 'have you ever had to make up your mind and decide?' i would like to know if anyone knows what this song is...male singer.

just a comment...personally i like diet pepsi better (as far as diet drinks go)
but for regular..~~~COKE RULES~~~ B)
thank you leone... :unsure: sorry for asking again, i try to check 1st...but thanks anyway :D
the commercial at the beach, a foreclift keeps picking the coke machine because everyone is taking the diet pepsi instead, the sound in the background is like" did you ever, have to make up your mind" does anyone know this song?