Nike "Move"


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I hope someone remembers this, but I believe it was during the 2002 Olympics when Nike had a commercial where we go from one sport to another, it starts out with a guy jogging and goes through a bunch of different activities like golf football parachuting swimming and such. The music was played on the piano i believe. I would like to know the name of that piece.
That one's actually commissioned by a company called Elias Arts. If you go to their website and click on WORK then COMMERCIALS, you'll see it listed under N for Nike (it's titled "Move"). It's one of the few they have available to view.
Nike "Go"

Does anybody remember the piano music playing in the background of the Nike "Go" commercial from a few years ago. The entire commercial is a medley of clips showing different athletes getting ready to start their different sports, ie: track race, long jump, pole vault, swim meet, gymnastics, ice-skating, etc.
if anyone knows where to find it, that would be great.
this was posted a while ago. i couldnt find the thread, but I know the music was comissoned just for the ad. if i can find the thread, there is a link to the website where you can watch it. good choice tho, its my favorite commercial of all time :).
ok, heres another post i found on another site (not the one i was thinking of). from what i read, although they may claim it is an original piece, most likely there is something similar to it out there. i found out this ad agency did an audi commercial w/ music i was looking for, and i emailed audi and they said it was original. after a little more searching, it turns out it was a david bowie song merely remixed. too bad though, since it is a nice piano piece.
It's an original piece done by Elias Arts production agency.