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I saw this commercial early this morning and would have guessed it was for Black history month after watching the first 30 seconds or so. It showed a black woman in the past (1960's?) then flashed forward to the present day showing a black woman as some head executive or something. Then they did the same type of past-present thing with another non-black person. It wasn't for any specific Nissan model, in fact I don't hink they even showed a car in the commercial, but it had a really cool tune. It was probably made for the commercial but I'm hoping it's not and someone will recognize it.
If your question has not been answered, do not simply repost it saying "BUMP", "UP", or "Come on! Someone must know this!". This does nothing to help your original question. (Since most people find threads via SEARCH, it's important to keep all the information in one thread.)<<<

I disagree with this. Personally, I have very little time to do much browsing on this site; if a topic isn't listed in the first few pages, chances are I'm never going to read it. I usually come to this site without a specific commercial in mind, scrolling through the lists helps me recall older commercials I might have forgotten about or newer ones that I had only caught a few seconds of and needed more info on.

I also disagree that most people find threads with searching. Everyone picks out something different from a commercial and many people describe it uniquely from their own perspective. Therefore a few keywords might not match the commericial you're searching for hence the need for browsing. This is especially true when one has only seen a commercial once and might not remember much detail from it, as is this case. I doubt many people would find my commercial by searching, and many might not bother to search if they already knew the answer or didn't have any attraction to the music.
Originally posted by ActuarialMadness@Mar 2 2004, 03:50 PM
I disagree with this.
Sorry to hear it, but the moderators pay for this website so they get to make the rules. How bout instead, you just say "I saw this again on CBS at 8 pm" or something? So much more useful, not nearly as annoying.