Nissan 350z


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Anyone know the music used? The commercial is in black and white, shows the finish line at a race track, and shows the 350z passing it (viewed from directly ontop the track/car)

It continues into closeups of the car...can't remember the slogan. I know Nissan usually uses famous songs for their commercials, but I can't find this one.
Has anyone else seen this commercial? :blink:
Not since yesterday...

Can you describe the music? Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals?

Have you found a link for the ad online?
I can't find a link, and sadly I can't remember the music now.. <_< I remember liking it though. It was either rock or techno...or was it both? :(

The ad can now be seen in France.
The music is... electronic with an electric guitar. There is no lyrics.
You can see the ad here ;)
I got an answer from Nissan France.
Here are the informations:

title: "Words fail"
Composer: Jonathan Elias
editor: Elias & Associates
country: US

It seems to be specially composed for the ad.
Can't find any information about this track...