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In the 7th episode of the first season, there's a skit about an eccentric high school performance artist (Missy Von Kimmelman,) and there's some classical music that played in it I really liked. Here's a site where you can find the clip of said skit. The site tends to go down due to bandwidth, unfortunately. It first plays 00:01:02, and more of it plays at 00:01:33.
If it helps, I later heard it in a commercial for Disney's Gargoyles (scenes from the show were being shown on buildings.) It was a pretty long commercial when it was first aired.
I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me what the name of it is, because it's driving me nuts.
:wub: I loved that show so much!

Sorry, don't know the song -- can't access the page right now.
Good to hear. They're planning on releasing a dvd collection. As soon as they sort out some issues, or so their website says.

Yeah, the bandwidth thing's a pain. I think (hope) it's daily. If not, I guess I could make an mp3 of it and email it to you if you can't access the site within a few days (I've got a copy of the clip.)'s been a couple of days and the bandwidth still hasn't reset.

I emailed The State's official website, and Michael Jann said it's some piece that mtv already owned... probably created by a music house. It was originally supposed to be O Fortuna, but they couldn't use that.

Anyways, if anyone thinks they can still help, then I'll email you the 37 second audio clip. It's 292 kb.