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Anyone who has seen the old Rogers Network productions of the Tom Green Show where it was located in Ottawa, Canada, this question is for you:

Do you know the song that is playing when Tom, in one of his skits, impersonates an Alien and ridicules a....guy who studies Aliens in that town? In that skit there is also talk of Aliens killing cows for secret experiments, and whilst all this is happening, there is this really cool minimalist "techno" track playing in the background. Does anyone know what this is?

It was also used in one of Tom Green's skits where he dances and pretends to be a bird with kites tied to his arms and two dolls' heads taped to his head.

the techno track kinda goes like this, and it sounds like a bad synthesizer:
{down tempo} "brawwwwaaaaaa"
{up tempo} "waaaaaaaa raaaaaaaa"
{even upper tempo} "brewwwwaaaaaa pwaaaaaaae"
{down tempo}"yeaaaaaahhssss"
Dude you only posted this yesterday, give someone a chance.
For real man....I remember that episode where he makes fun of those two old people. It was so funny. Don't recall the music though... Guess your "description" wasn't detailed enough for me.
alright, sorry for the impatience.

The song, you can't really describe better than it is an extremely minimalist electronica-style track. Again, if you have seen the episode where he goes to a small town where apparent Alien sightings have occured, the song is playing there.

Most likely, its a song created by the production team of Tom Green in his Roger's days. Be that as it may, does anyone know where to download songs like that from him on the web, other than the inevitable "Bum-Bum Song"