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It's "A DAY AT THE FAIR-Everything I've Ever Wanted"
thank you sooo much you made my day!
I need help finding the background song that played while Kristen and Alex were in the pool discussing his getting a tattoo. It sounded like an R&B song but none of the words played. You can see it at the two-a-days myspace site (address is below) on the video that starts appearing (it's toward the end of the video)

Nobody has any idea what song it is? It was definitely from the first Two-a-days...please let me know if you have any idea...
what is the closing song to mtv's two-a-days when all the players are linked together during the state championship game?
this is an old topic....hopefully someone sees this

id also like to know about this tune


I have a song that I'm tring to find the title for - I heard it originally on Two-A-Days and there was a site that claimed it was War - but it's not War even though it does sound like Angels & Airwaves. The lyrics are:

if i said, i loved you
i don't think it would be untrue
i'm so glad, i met you
you've made my life feel so brand new
quiet once, the longed hearts
these are the moments i cherish
lonely hearts, build a spark
and build the heavens up with it

i look in, to your eyes
and my heart gets thrown off beat
beautiful, sweet angel

my feelings for you, over will be
where were you, wish i knew
i would have canceled my lonely trip
your my, best friend
when im with you i feel safe
This isn't a song request, but did anyone hear what is was that Vestavia put in the Hoover fans seating section that smelled so bad in the bleachers? I didn't hear what it was and its bugging me :/
what was the song playing when the kid was signing his letter of intent it was by angel and airwaves i think
Does anyone know the name of the song playing during the Terot reading?
What was that hip-hop tune playing at the halloween party in the Scary Hoover episode?
The song is played after mark gets in the fight towards the commercial...there was no words just a piano in the background and it sounded a lot like the The Fray but i dont think its them me out please!!!