Meet The Barkers Season 1

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Anyone know the song they played in the first episode of Meet The Barkers...where they are in the limo at night...talkin about how it isn't romantic throwing up in front of each other? They basically only play the intstrumental part of the song...

Thanks you guys!!!
Does anyone know the song that plays when Travis is smokin' in his car before he goes to meet the wedding planner. It sounds like a reggae style song. Anyone know? thanx
the song also plays when Travis has his baby in his hands, gettin ready to take off on tour, and it plays until commercial
Is the song "The Science of Selling Yourself Short" by Less Than Jake? MTV uses that song alot on their shows.
No I don't think that song is the one. I can't remeber exactly what it sounded like but I don't think that Less Than Jake song is it. Anyone else?
YES! It's the song by The Shins!!! THANK YOU :D THANK YOU! You don't even understand how bad I was tryin to find that song...since that Ashlee episode!!! THANK YOU!!!
the song that plays when Travis is hanging up the big picture of Shanna and him. it's rockish. thanks!
Does anyone know what song was played in episode two when Travis is writing the card to Shanna?
Ok, well this one has been driving me crazy! On the Meet The Barkers show, in the episode where he buys his wife a watch at the Chanel store, there is some background music. I'm pretty sure it is before he goes to get the watch, and he is still at the house. The music is like a trumpet playing ten or twelve notes. The notes go up and back down, and it is kind of sports-show sounding. This song has no words at all, and I have wanted to know what it is for the past couple years.

Also, I have heard it on VH1 as well as MTV shows and some ESPN shows about football. Can anyone help?

Anyone know the song when Shanna goes to pick up Travis at the airport? It was playing while she was waiting for him at the gate?
I just had to post this again so everyone knew how irritated I am right now!... I have seriously, seen this episode like 3 times today and I just can't figure out what song this is... It plays when travis is saying bye to his kid at the van because hes leaving for tour... if you know this PLEASEEE fill me in... thank you so much!
Sorry all, I mis-posted before. The trumpet music that I am searching for the title/author of is played when they are sitting in his green low-rider and the battery is dead. They are sitting there while the driver charges it, and this causes them to be late to the birthday party. There are no words, just about I counted 18 notes from the trumpet. The episode was re-aired tonight on MTV