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There's a brand new MTV commercial where some kids are hanging out and I think it ends with them going home and watching mtv. I haven't seen it enough times to be more descriptive but the song has a female vocalist. I'll post more info if I see it again. I'd love any help.
yea, i seen that. it has the text "Its Cool" at the end. I think its a guy and a girl. Theres a few of those commercials. I'm not sure of the tune tho. :blink: :ph34r:
Yeah, that sounds right. I think the concept of the ad is that they go out and nothing goes right and at the end one of them says something like "Let's just go home and watch MTV." I've been watching for it but I haven't seen it since I posted. The vocals are slightly distorted and the guitars are vaguely Jesus and Mary Chain shoegazer-ish. Again, if anyone sees and can provide any clue at all I'd appreciate it.
ive seen one with a cute boy in a wheelchair. when he gets home, pimp my ride comes on. the ad uses a cool tune too.
Yeah, I'd love to find out who does that one too. I just saw the one I originally posted out again. It actually looks like they're out after prom or something, sticking their heads out through the sunroof of the limo and screaming; they're not really having that much fun--the girl get a bug in her mouth when she's riding in the limo and a guy pukes at the end. At the end of the commercial one of the girls says "let's just go home and watch mtv" and the words "MTV Better than anything" (or something to that effect) comes up. I can't make out many of the lyrics, so I'm still helping someone can help me out.
OK I figured it out so I'll answer my own question (though it doesn't look like anyone out there cared that much about this topic except me). After seeing the commercial again I got down some of the lyrics (and realized they're at an art opening, not prom--doh!)and google searched it and it's apparently a frequently-blogged indie outfit called The Johnny Boy and the song is "You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve." You can see the commerical here:

and a blurb with some cool links re: The Johnny Boy's underground cred

If anyone gets the other new MTV commercials that brought up here, please post those as well, I'd love to find out who they are.
thanks for posting that info! i still havent seen that one..somehow i keep seeing the one i wrote about!!!!!! i'll pay more attention!!!!
OK, here's the answer to the music from all of the newest MTV commercials:

"Wheelchair" commercial: Say Hi to Your Mom - "Let's Talk About Spaceships"

"Limo girls" (the one I posted about): The Johnny Boy - "You Are the Generation that Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve"

"T-Bone" (I think that's the one with "It's cool" at the end) - Midwest Product - "Duckpond"

You can watch any of these at

and scroll down to the MTV section.
There is a commercial on MTV where a guy rides around in a wheelchair, making an effort to reverse all of the negative things that he encounters during his day.

At the end of the commercial, he watches MTV and replies that his day was "perfect." The commercial ends in text saying "MTV: Perfect for perfect days."

Throughout this whole commercial, a beautiful song is playing in the background. I picked up some of the lyrics. They were "They're only words and words can't hurt me." or something like that.

Does anyone know the name of this song and the band that plays it? It haunts me every time I see the commercial! Thanks in advance for the help.
Feel dumb answering my own question, but the song is Say Hi To Your Mom- Let's Talk About Spaceships
Along the same lines as the MTV commercial, Perfect Days (man in the wheelchair, etc.) there is another MTV promo ad with a cute song, that, of course, I can't figure out.

The ad features two girls who go to an art gallery. At the gallery, they yell "HACK!" at a hanging experimental artist weirdo, and then it goes into a montage with them drinking, laughing, hanging out at the art gallery with stuffy looking guys. It ends with them hanging out of a sunroof on a limo, and saying "Let's go home at watch MTV."

I can't get the lyrics too well, but the song has female vocals if that is of any help!

EDIT: Got it! It's called: You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes and it's by Johnny Boy!
This song is played during an MTV commercial on MTV that promotes MTV.

All I can remember as of now is at the end of the commercial it is a guy in a wheel chair and his girlfriend asks, "how was your day" and the guy replies, "perfect"

oh yea, and prior to that theres a guy at a gas station filling up and he yells, "PARASITE" and then the guy in the wheel chair rolls around randomly and yells, "PARASITE" and then the gas man is like, "I'm not talking to you, I mean the car!" and the the wheel chair man says, "well i'm talking to yOU!"

the theme music is really good, anyone know it?