Ad that includes sound of kids laughing...


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I am racking my brain trying to remember where I heard this particular piece of features plucked, broken (then strummed) mandolin/guitar chords...I have the song (see link below), I just need to find the corresponding commercial!


(The commercial only used about the first 15-20 seconds of this song) and the visuals on this YouTube clip are definitely NOT from the T.V. Commercial I'm trying to remember.

I've not seen the commercial in a few months, but here's what (I think) I remember:

- sound of kids laughing and playing
- visuals consist of slow motion/stop-start motion 'photographs' being used in a collage-like not quite moving in real-time.
- I think I remember one 'scene' being a few kids playing in/with a water sprinkler?
- also, perhaps a video clip/image of kids playing with/bathing a dog?

So far, here are my guesses as to what brands/products the commercial might be for: (I've already googled several of them and haven't come up with anything!)

- Wal-Mart
- Kodak
- Cannon
- Pedigree
- Purina
- Johnson&Johnson
- Tropicana
- Cheerios
- Honey Bunches of Oats
- HP Printer (or another brand of printer)

Any of this ring a bell with anyone? If so, PLEASE reply! Thanks so much for your help!
It sounds quite similar to the song:

Basia Bulat - "Before I Knew" used in a Subaru commercial

and sort of like the song:

The Faces - "Ooh La La" (When I Was Younger) used in a Men Of A Certain Age show promo.
Yes, you're right they do sound similar, but I don't think either commercial is the one I'm thinking of.

I'm almost 99% sure this Blue Cadet Three song was used in a commercial (and I suspect without the band's knowledge, because I just emailed them and asked if the song was ever placed in a TV ad and they said 'no, not that we know of.' Because they're an Indie/Unsigned band, it's quite possible the song got picked up and the company/agency that used it just didn't want to deal with the paperwork in making an agreement).

Let me know if you think of anything else! Thanks for your help!!