Pop SingerSongwriter tune on New Zealand Radio


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Hi everyone,

I was browsing through my TuneIn Radio app and found a station broadcasting in NZ, specifically Hokonui, that plays both pop and country music. I wrote them on Facebook to find out the name of the song but no response. I tried a lyrics search and no luck. They don't post a playlist. I think it's a New Zealand artist and based on past experience sometimes their music doesn't have a huge online profile.

So... it's a female singer, pop song, kind of singer songwritery, mid tempo probably recorded in the last 5 years. The lyrics I can remember are "grey spot on a white horse" and "I don't know why I don't do anything for you" which I believe was repeated more than once.

If someone can help me out and tell me the artist and title I would be so grateful. I've been listening to the station every day hoping they'll play it again but they haven't.

Thanks in advance!