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I have a question about a song I heard on the radio. It is a local college station, so it doesn't show up on and the radio station won't seem to reply to my question. Anyway, the song was kinda punk-ish and it had a guy and a girl singing....the only lyrics I can remember over and over were "I hate the city" (i think). Sorry for the vague info. but any help is appreciated! ;)
:huh: What station, or what city did you hear it in. Most Punk songs on college radio stations are usually from bands locally in the area. If you search and find all the indie rock bands from your city, that may narrow down the search. :)
Well, I heard it on WXCI 91.7 in Danbury, CT. I noticed that they play the song on that station pretty often and it doesn't seem like a local band, but I could be wrong. I will try to contact the station again, thanks for your help!