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OK I actually might go insane. In the episode where Jamie and Allie go to see Jeri (a family member of Jamie's) there's a part where Allie takes her shirt off (she's got her bathingsuit under) and there's music playing in the backround.
What is that???
It's right before Jamie tells how Allie is smarter than like 99.6% of the world's population.
since i don't watch i dunno. does mtv have a link or a tv preview of that ep up? how did the song go? lyrics?
It's EPISODE 6. And MTV doesn't have a little thing to watch it. But I do know when they played it, it was just the intrumental part. That's all I know!
In an old MTV show, "Rich Girls", there's a scene where the shows star, Ally, and her friend jump into her pool with their clothes on. In the backround is the really fast pasted song that MTV used a lot as backround music a few months ago, does anyone know where I can fing out which song ?
I remember that episode...I was looking for a song that was somewhere around that same part..I finally found it...It's called Just a little girl ~ by Amy Studt...Starts off kinda slow but it's a good song...I'm thinking It could possibly be the one your looking for...if not then oh well I tried :)
Does anyone have the theme song for MTV's Rich Girls!

It's called This Town! I love it!

The song is by a group called Lilix. I'm not sure if it's on any albums. May have only been recorded for the show. The song is actually a cover of a Go-Go's song. You can listen to an audio sample of that song here, track 5.