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O.k. I am going to explain this part of the show as much as i can and all of what i know. In this episode It is when they get there boaters license for sailing. The guy and the girl fail and have to take the written part again. After they take it they end up both getting 99% on the test. As this happend it flashes back and shows house that is blue (where they are staying at) During this point some sweet techno starts to play and then ends. It is before they all put on your uniforms, NOT after.I dont think that they just mixed togehter this for this episode sounds like a cut from a song. The techno that is played is no longer than 5 to 10 seconds, but is definatly one of those beats if you heard it before you would know it. I hope somone recognizes it and can help. I'll post up any more information i find out.

I did some more research and found ot in fact that it is not unisex it was far far from it. The music that is used, is made by a new group called Suncrusher. I believe its called Dreamlanding.
i'm going to try to explain this the best i can. the song was played in the first episode of real world san diego on the second night when the group started drinking. it begins when they make a cheers to each other around the table and then they all take a drink. i think the lyrics go something like this, "no need to impress you, just wanna undress you." if anyone can find this song i would be so thankful. thanks.
Does anyone know the name of the song that was played while Frankie and her boyfriend Dave were kissing to when she came to pick him up from the airport. It has somthing to do with send your love or im sending love, something like that. Any help would be great. Another song i want is the one played by dashboard confessional when cameran and brad were talking about their kiss. Thanks
:huh: What is the song that plays in the episode of "The Real World - San Diego" during the time where Robin is "dumped" (or at least walked away from) by her "boyfriend" Mike (I think it).

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the song title please notify the, UMMM Reply thing.

Thanks in AdVANcE!!! :D
Real World San Diego

Does anyone know the band and name of the song that was played at the conclusion of the final real world episode for season 14. I think the words were something like "it's all alright" but i'm not certain. If anyone knows or has any ideas please let me know.
Maybe you're thinking of "Float On" by Modest Mouse? I think that was the last song. Anyway, you can hear an audio sample through the link.
THere was a song, that said somethinglike
"there wad atest and we all have passed"
what is this song.. thanks in advance
I was curious if anyone knew what the song was in the beginning of this episode.. it was a slow song.. with lyrics that went something like this..

"Tic toc of the clock won't stop.. make a wish.."

I have tried finding it through the list of songs on the MTV website.. but I can't find any clips or lyrics to any of those songs.. it's really frustrating.. :( Help anyone?
You sure it's not "Time" by Bumblefoot? That's the very first song listed at MTV's site for the episode...
The last song that plays while brad rides away is "Float On" by Modest Mouse

Anyone have the songs:
"A Test" by Gameface
"Remember My Markings" by James William Hindle
"Havin A Bad Day" by Royal 7

I cannot find these songs anywhere! They're all from the last two episodes of The Real World.. =[
Real World San Diego

I can't find the song when Randy comes to bail Robin out of jail and they are riding home together in the cab. What is the song that is playing? I hope someone will remember it!