The Real World San Diego

The song when Randy goes to get Robin from jail and they are riding home in the cab. It's got more of a punk vibe and it's slow. Some of the lyrics are "I don't min...And when you're here I'm alright"
The lyrics are like "will you look after me when i'm gone. will you remember me when i'm happy". Does anyone know this song? The link to the bunim-marray-songlist doesn't work anymore unfortunately.
Real World San Diego

Hi, I am looking to see if anyone can help me name a song. It was on the Real World Season 14 in San Diego. I don't remember the name of the episode, but it is where Frankie was waiting at the airport for her boyfriend to come and the song starts to play when they hug for the first time.
Gurr....the other night I spent hours upon hours searching for a song that I know I only heard one time on "The Real World" San Diago a few years ago. All I really remember is that it was played on a scene with Frankie kissing on a patio and I think it was with some other guy that was her friend not her boyfriend because I remember she felt a lil guilty the next day. The only part I remember in the song was "Her hair is everywhere". I know I must not be posting in the correct part of the forum but I can't figure out where to click on "new thread". Forgive me if this is a repeat question, I didn't see anywhere else that someone may of asked for the same song and everytime I try to click on "the list" of songs referred to in other posts, the pc shows nothing in return, perhaps because the list is no more? I don't know, but any help would be highly appreciated=) Thank you!
what is the name and the artist and the song on the first episode after cameron said interesting. it's a female, i believe the lyrics were as follows "staring at the stars if you are so close why does it seem so far" if you can give me the answer i appreciate your help.