Mor commercial songs I need help with


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ok I'm back with more that i still don't know.

1. It was a car or car commercial with a van or a car going through a town and the buildings in the backround lights were going up and down. It was like a techno beat to it though. No vocals

2. It was a beer comercial I forget what kind and there were a guy and a girl running on a track and than they went in to get beer.

3. This was a resisant commerical where there was a hot girl just drinking beer. It was a grayscale color commerical the whole time.

4. This was in a saab commerical (I tihnk) and it's used in the fox mlb playoff game comemrical where the announcer says, "you can't script october"

Thanks a bunch everyone, you're all a real big help :D
oh really? I didn't know I thought that that's just taking up space ok atleast I know now :D
I explained to you before that it's less confusing to have only one question per topic. That way if you find out the answer to one song, people won't confuse it with the answer of another.