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Theres a song they use in the season 2 commercial which I have been looking for, google seemed to be no help at all :(. The only distinct thing about the song that I can tell you is the lyrics "Twisting and returning". Hopefully someone can help me out here.
please if anyone has seen the commerical and was like..

"oh yeah, i know that song..."

Please tell me what the name is and who sings it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

i'm lost and it's in my head every time it plays. i need to know the name of the song.

it sounds kinda rock but slow tempo stuff and it's a male singer with lyrics i can't even figure out.
I too want to know that song. From the lyrics, I could make out: "these glass souls, twisting and (re)turning..."

or something that rhymes with that. "these lassos, twisting and turning"? who knows...? I want to know...
What a good song it is!!

Anyone please try searching for lyrics anything!

Here you go:

Feb. 24th: Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Benzos have been busy preparing for the release of their debut album, "Morning Stanzas", on Stinky Records. The release date is slated for Tues. May 10th, so get out there and spread the word. There will be lots of updates coming very soon, but for now we bring you the immediate news...

On Tues. March 1st, Benzos new song "Glass Souls" will be featured on the promo for "I Want a Famous Face". Look out for it. It will be running all month.

AND....I also found the mp3 of the song.
The promotional mtv commercial for the new season of I Want a Famous Face season 2 features a really great theme song, anyone know what the name is? It kinds something like radiohead but they dont have a new album out.

thanks for the help