MTV ARTificial promo


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This has been killing me for the past 5 months...

There was this MTV promo that has been seen throughout many of its worldwide channels (mostly in MTV Latin, MTV France, and MTV Germany). I'm not sure if it has been seen in the U.S. or not.

The promo is a one minute compilation of sci-fi music videos (Marilyn Manson's "Tourniquet", Tool, and similars) and they show a lot of Bjork's "All Is Full Of Love" clips and at the end of it it appears "ARTificial... MTV".

I've been dying to know the background music playing for this particular promo. It sounded a little ENIGMA-ish to me. I've also been hearing it a lot in restaurants that play sensual/ambient music, yet never came close to finding its name or artist.

I've figured I'd try asking here... and I hope if someone can help me out on this. It's a matter of life-and-death for me, so I'd appreciate it if anyone can give me the name, title or album of the song... Eagerly awaiting reply!

All right... seriously, who do I have to kill to get an answer around here? :!@#$: