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Hey, I'm new here, blah blah. I've checked the searches and everything, didn't want to be rude and ask a repetitive question.

Anyway, I'm looking for the song to the very latest Mitsubishi Galant commercial. It's not the Flaming Lips, or Dance to the Underground or Ballroom Blitz. I started seeing it in mid-March. It's a light, downtempo song with like bells or vibes turning into a guitarish driven beat at the end.

It features different families and/or moms driving their kids. It cuts to the back seat with kids sitting there. I believe there's a pregnant woman in it too.
At the end, the car pulls into the driveway (view of passenger side of car) and the announcer talks about the 10 year/ 10,000 mile stuff.

If anyone knows...
Lyric or no lyric ? - and does it talk about things getting "bigger" throughout the spot ?
No lyrics in the song.

I can't rember if they're talking about things getting bigger or not. Maybe, I'm not positive, I think they're talking about Mitsubishi and the company. It might make sense though becasue they keeping showing more and more kids in the back seat and an expecting mother.

Every time I see the commercial I scramble to find something memorable that will help me find out about the song, but then I focus to the song too much.

I'll listen for things getting bigger next time...
The band is Autamata and the track "Fragments" - the instrumental. The album is My Sanctuary on RG Records out of the UK - very very cool Indie label.

That was quick! Thanks alot.

Finally, a place that was able to answer my question. This is much easier than searching everywhere for days.

Just curious, how did you find it so quickly?
I Music Supervised the spot... all Mitsubishi ad's go through an Ad Agency here in LA (and NYC) call Deutsch that we work with quite a bit.

Find that CD by Autamata "My Sanctuary" - it's really good.
Excellent. You're part of Machine Head, tried looking for you guys too. Sounds like a cool job, and that you're doing it well. Must be exciting to select music like that for commercials seen all over...and requested by others afterwards.

I also tried Deutsch LA but no luck, obviously.

Checked out Autamata's site after your recommendation. Thanks.

Most of my compilation CDs and introductions into bands come from commercials.

Once again, thank you very much.
Thanks - I'm glad you thought the track worked - I know I did ! Re: Music Supervision - It is a cool gig no doubt, but I've been in the music Biz for over 10 years so I guess I've earned the chance to work on some top shelf projects/campaigns ... also a lot of the job is the licensing side which is paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork.

If you like that "cinematic sound" of music then you might like the Weekend Players, Koop, Pepe Deluxe and Royskopp - they all had CD's out in the last year or so.

Take it easy
I'm really curious as to what song is playing in this commercial.

It shows a silver Mitsubishi Galant and several stages of a person's life. It shows a man's wife, when she first gets pregnant, than later in her pregnancy and then a kid. It then shows another child and yet another child. In the end of the commercial, it shows paper towel rolls in the trunk.

The commercial is still fairly new. I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me what that song is in the background.
Marimba?, slow synth, muted guitar, and tinny drums.

No clue if that'll help anyone.

Definately not breathe, but it's a swank song. Real mellow of course. And, the ad had this swank perspective shift, particularly at the end, but with an annoying disappearing driver.

Anyhow, great song, hope someone gets it.
Alright, I thought this was a mitsubishi galant commercial, but my last 2 hours of galant searches have proved fruitless. Ok, this commercial has a black man and woman in the front seat of a silver (? white?) car, with a real simple groove beat going on. The commercial follows the progression of the familyas the woman gets pregneant, then one kid in the back, then 2, then 3 i think. the man then buys a small set of rolls of paper towels or toilet paper, then a bigger one, in the trunk. please help, cuz i am pretty sure that the "3 new mitsubishi galant commercials" with radio 4 and such are not it. I really hope these forums help me cuz i need this to complement the nissan altima's summer samba by bebel gilberto!! thanx soooo much!!! :D
thanx!!! you are my hero!! i dont know why my searches didnt find that. kinda weird. owell, thanx soo much!
Originally posted by Gabba@Mar 23 2004, 11:03 AM
I Music Supervised the spot... all Mitsubishi ad's go through an Ad Agency here in LA (and NYC) call Deutsch that we work with quite a bit.

Find that CD by Autamata "My Sanctuary" - it's really good.
Gabba - I was wondering....since you're a part of and their staff, are you able to find info on songs that are for other products (such as Pier 1 Imports, Always (the girl device), TV show theme songs, deodorant commercial ad theme songs, etc...)? I hope you are because I'm in need of desperate help with all of the above.
:D Yes! Finally someone who knew the song! All the other sites kept leading me to those other songs which are nowhere near this song! Thank you so much!
Hey there - first post.

Just tracing the link back to this thread from the website where I'm the webmaster.

Glad you enjoyed the Autamata tune. Autamata is the brainchild of Ken McHugh, based in Dublin, Ireland. The album in question was released in Ireland about 12 months before being rereleased on RG Records. The reaction to the album is fantastic over here.

@Gabba - do you think I could get an avi/mpg of the advert for use on the site? If so, where? The ad itself is not running over here in Ireland. And... any other songs on the My Sanctuary album grab your attention for future use, per chance??? :)