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    2005 Mitsubishi Galant

    what is it? i would have tried a lyric search but the sound is so muffled i can't understand it. help!
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    Mitsubishi Galant

    Hey, I'm new here, blah blah. I've checked the searches and everything, didn't want to be rude and ask a repetitive question. Anyway, I'm looking for the song to the very latest Mitsubishi Galant commercial. It's not the Flaming Lips, or Dance to the Underground or Ballroom Blitz. I started...
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    Mitsubishi Galant

    hi. i'm trying to find out about a song i heard in a car commercial i saw awhile back. i can't remember the car company. i think it was either mitsubishi or nissan. in the commercial, there was a brunette with a very pretty smile who was driving while singing to her baby in the back seat thru...
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    Mitsubishi Galant "Grocery List"

    OK, this one aired on 1/20. The spot that I'm looking at here at work aired in San Francisco on the WB during prime-time. In the spot, a woman in the car looks over at a man in another car. She thinks he's singing along to the music, but he's really reciting a grocery shopping list. It's not...
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    Mitsubishi Galant

    I've seen the new Galant car commercial twice now and I can't figure this one out. Can anyone tell me the name of the song or who is singing it...something about "...the most beautiful face..." Thanks, Larry