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Hi Everybody: I am trying to find out the artist or group that does the music for a car commercial. It has been on for several months I believe.
It shows a car driving slowly down a street with the camera view inside the building tracking the car through the different businesses. One is a coffee shop, another is a health club and then at the end it turns the corner.
The music is real hard and fast. I would love to get the sound track or album.

Mitsubishi Endeavor Commercial

I'm looking for the song in the Mitsubishi Endeavor commercial. The song is like a rock beat and the car is driving and then it flashes to the inside of the car where the kids are watching Sponge Bob Square Pants.
Originally posted by michelle@Oct 17 2003, 02:02 PM
The song is "Horndog" by Overseer. You can get the song off the album, "Wreckage."
OK. I listened to the clip at Amazon, but it sounds nothing like the guitar/bass riff that they are playing. I initially thought it was a U2 song but can't find what I think it is. Sorry I'm not a big U2 fan so I don't even know titles other than the ones on the radio.

So is the guitar/bass riff further into the song by Wreckage?
The ad I've seen, with the rock song at the beginning and the Sponge-Bob with the kids in the car watching, is "Horndog" by Overseer. The sample at Amazon only includes the chorus part of the song, the part heard in the ad is from the beginning of the actual song.

I've never seen a different Sponge-Bob ad with different music.
I'm the world's biggest U2 fan and I can promise you it's not them. Like Michelle said, that Amazon clip may not have the part you're looking for (the commercial clip is actually near the end of the song though the beginning is pretty identical) but trust us.. it's Overseer.. there were like 6 seperate posts about this same song months ago when they were playing a different part of it in another commercial for the same company. ;)
And by the way.. I think if there's a U2 song that sounds like that particular clip, it's "Mysterious Ways" from the album Achtung Baby. Amazon doesn't have a clip for you to listen to but if you get a chance to hear it you'll see what I mean.. they kinda sound alike but definitely not the same.
Dascoot & Michelle are quite correct.

Here's Overseer's website they claim to have done the ad (See 14/2/03). You can get the full track form the website but as in low quality (96) here. Also Mitsubishi kindly supply music titles used in their ads here.

Nuff said? ;)
what is the song for the new montero, its the one where its all badass, then it goes inside the car and spongebob squarepants is on... i must know!!
Originally posted by bankiewrx@Dec 29 2003, 02:05 PM
what is the song for the new montero, its the one where its all badass, then it goes inside the car and spongebob squarepants is on... i must know!!
You mean the Endeavor.
It's Overseer "Horndog".

(did I do it right Jon?)
Trying to find the sountrack of an older mitsubishi montero commercial ( i think). The commercial starts off with guitar riffs, giving an impression of toughness, rugged, macho, etc....when it cuts to a scene of the inside of the vehicle, the music abruptly changes to spongebob / squarepants, showing giggling kids watching the built in DVD player. Please help !
I was wondering if anyone knew the song for this car commercial. I cannot remember what brand or type the car was but I can describe the commercial. It shows this car driving down the street from a side angle. The camera appears to be inside a building and it is perfectly fixed on the car. You see people in the building and you see wires and such inside the walls. It does that for a few seconds then eventually comes to a top view zooming out of the car and showing the whole city. While this is happening the song is playing and the song is saying something to the effect of "put it in the hole" or something similar.

I apologize if this was already answered somewhere else but I cant really do a good search for this because I dont know the make of the car in the commercial

I'm pretty sure in the commercial is a minivan(could be an suv) driving down the road. The song starts off as guitar, then a drum pound, guitar, drum pound, and just when it sounds like the song is about to breakdown it switches to inside the vehicle with some kid (or kids) watching sponge bob square pants and the music for that show comes on over the commercial music.

The same song was used in other commercials for the same car company (not sure which car company) but that's the commercial I could remember in the most detail.

Its a Mitsubishi Endeavor, and the song is "Overseer - Horndog"

Glad to be of service