Mercedes-Benz "Pictures"

Anyone know the song in that new mercedes benz commercial where it shows a bunch of snapshots of people posed by their cars and a woman is singing a slow song about having "your picture" or "your snapshot on the wall". Thanks for the help!

The ad opens with different people posing in front of their Mercedes Benz.

The Tagline reads: Nobody poses with their toaster

Does anybody know the name of the song or artist?
I think that has been answered here already. Are you looking for the one called "Au Reve" by Cassius??
yeah there is this new mercedez-benz commerical song that is sung by a woman and it starts off with her singing," You're picture is on my wall..." and that is all i know. But the commercial has different pictures of people taking pictures with their mercedes-Benz, pretty niffty. :D
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the Mercedes-Benz commercial where they show pictures of people standing with their cars ? It's a very long song and they have several commericals but this one is a little more upbeat... Sorry I can't give more infor... Thanks
Yes, it's been asked about before... Don't forget to search the Forums and the Weblog!

You can find "Reve" on Cassius's album "Au Reve."
What is the name of the song and who is singing it...?

It's the Mercedes-Benz commercial called ..The Love Never Fades..showing many cars from the past. The song starts. *Your picture is on the wall* and ends..*I still love you the same*.
This commercial has aired recently on ESPN..a lot! Especially during the US Open Tennis tournaments.
I can't get this song out of my head. I love it!
Please help!
"The Love Never Fades." The song is called "Amazed" (performed by Mozella) and was created specifically for the ad.
Thank you so much. I guess I didn't look hard enough.
can anyone tell me the name of this song from a commercial.i dont really remember the commercial but the song went like this.

i put your picture on my wall
to help me to remember you
will you catch me if im falling

thanx in advance.
I believe you're describing the Mercedes ad "Framed Portrait" -- as described on our weblog. That song was created just for the ad, I'm afraid.
Does anyone know the name of the song in the "Love Never Fades" Mercedes Benz ad? The ad shows a "slide show" of photos each with a Benz in it, of course. The singer is a female and sounds a bit like Macy Gray, and the song is a slow ballad -- something about:

"The picture is on the wall
It helps me remember you . . .
I still love you the same"

Sorry, Michelle,

I guess I didn't search well enough. I apologize for wasting everyone's time.