Mercedes-Benz "Pictures"


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Mercedes-Benz "Pictures"

Mercedes is airing a new commercial featuring people posing with their Mercedes's throughout the years. The ad features a cool guitar song (no words). At the end of the commercial there's the caption "No one ever poses with their new toaster" or something like that. Sorry for my grammar and spelling, I just got back from a road trip to Kansas. Hopefully someone will see the commercial and figure out who performs the song.

Just saw it. It was kinda jazz/funk with a dash of techno at the end but the caption was different at the end. It's not uncommon for that to happen though. If it's the same commercial it sounded like something made up for the ad. Just because I didn't recognize it doesn't mean it's so though. So keep checking back. You never know.
Hey direwolfi..... if you DO find it... come back and let us know... I've been hearing this commerical for about a week now... it's all over Fox 5... :)
OK, I've found it, it's called Au Reve by Cassius

Mercedes is also showing another commercial that feature framed portraits. The commercial starts with a portrait on the wall and it zooms on it, It ends with the tagline "Love Never Fades." That commercial is by Mozella and it's called "Amazed"
Great finds Dire! Thanks for coming back to let us know. :)

To help us keep the ads straight... I'm adding this additional info:

In Multiple Portraits the photo montage is set to a high-energy musical score called "Au Reve" by Cassius, off the album "Au Reve." The spot closes with the line, "No one ever poses with their toaster. Unlike Any Other. Mercedes-Benz." (audio sample avail. here)

Framed Portraits features a specially created score called "Amazed" by singer/songwriter Mozella and ends with, "The love never fades. Unlike Any Other. Mercedes-Benz." (info source)
Has anyone seen the "Nothing will make a driver more faithful to a car, than a car that is faithful to it's driver" ads? Really beautiful featuring various people with their Mercedes. My favourite is the Danish Ambulance Service, and the unavoidable collision. Anyway, it also has this nice swelling orchestral music behind it. I'm not worried if no one knows, but thought I'd toss it out there to see.

(The sixty second is better than the thirty, just so you know ;))
Haven't seen it, but that article I linked to up there (info source) mentions it. The whole campaign includes these three ads... Anyway, it didn't mention music for the version you're talking about Schuyler...
Oh, sorry I didn't check it out. Thanks for the heads up though. :) Really is one of the best ads I've seen in a while, perfect representation of image, and powerful show of longevity. I'm passionate about editing for documentary and TV Advertising, so I take a vested interest in good ads.

Thanks again.
Thanks for finding out the info on the Mozella song, but has anyone been able to find any other info on her or a site to hear other songs by her? I did find out she was singed to Maverick records through alot of searching, but still cannot find any thing else. She sounds like a really good musician with a beautiful voice. Any help would be great. Thanks :D

It starts with "your picture is on my wall..."

Help !?!

Who sings this soothing little melody?
i am looking for the song name, album and artist for the song used on the Mercedes Benz commercial that shows a series of pictures of Mercedes owners, with their cars, and the comment "No one has a picture of their toaster."

It's electric guitar with I believe electronic arrangement and drums.
Okay, I desperately want to know who the artist is that plays the song on the mercedes benz commercial "The love Never Fades".

I tried looking up the lyrics on the web to match with an artist and/or song title, but to no avail.

You can see the commercial here.

After some browsing around I found some info @ Clipland and a user posted some information about the song I think you are talking about. The title is "Amazed" by a singer named Mozella.
I have yet to see a definitive answer to this question on the Mercedes ad:

The Orchestral piece (that sounds reminiscent of "Out of Africa") that is used behind pictures of owners and their cars (includes a picture of the Danish Ambulance Drivers)
is that the piece "Amazed" by singer/songwriter Mozella. I am confused because there are no lyrics in this piece.

If it helps, I live in Southern California and have seen the commercial on both local and cable channels.

If anyone knows the name of this piece of music please let me know!


Lynn :banghead:
Did you read my post in the above mentioned thread? I can't remember exactly which ad the Mozella score goes to, but you can hear an audio sample of the other ad's music from this campaign in the post mentioned. To confuse matters, there is also another ad in the campaign, that is more documentary style. No one has mentioned if the music is original for the ad or not.

Does that help?

I did see your post but I believe the ad I am referring to is the third one-the documentary type. This ad has a definite orchestral score to it. The music sounds very reminiscent of a film score. The first time I heard it, it reminded me vaguely of "Out of Africa".

The ad is footage of people with their Mercedes (includes the Danish Ambulance Group, a doctor from South Africa and ends with a man and woman with their car.

The music does not have lyrics, is not techno, is not jazz.

I just want to know what the name of the piece is because I really like the music.


Cassius Rocks ! I saw that commercial and thought to myself, this song sounds familiar. After 3 days of seraching i stumbled upon this site (cool site), I thought it was performed by Groove Armada. Too bad I left my Cassius CD's at a friends house, cause I wanna listen so bad.
Hey guys my sister really wants the song for a Mercedes Benz commercial, and there is a repeated guitar rhythm and it goes over and over and then the drums add in there, and it has a bunch of different people all through the commerical standing by cars, or sitting or whatever. But there's a person in a car in each "picture".
Thanks guys!! ^_^