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Finally got the MB website to work. There are three commercials currently in rotation.
Two have been discussed at length here.

The third commercial is documentary style of people posing with their cars. It opens with a gentleman in the African Bush and closes with a couple standing in front of their MB. Along the way, we are shown the Danish Ambulance Services, Sir Stirling Moss, a man and his MB that have survived 33 Alpine winters and the Kennedy Family (not those Kennedys) who survived an unavoidable collision.

The tag line is "nothing makes people more faithful to their car".

There is an orchestral piece of music played over both the short version of this trailer and the long version. There are no lyrics. It is not techno nor jazz.

Does anyone know the name or composer of this piece of music.

The commercial can be played on the MB website. I believe it is the third one across reading left to right. It is called "Faithful".

Any help greatly appreciated.

Lynn :banghead:
Here's a link to the ad. It's the fourth one, as mentioned by Lynn, named "Faithful."
I'm really impressed with this forum...what a wealth of information it has to offer.

I searched the board to see if anyone came up with the song used for the Mercedes Benz commercial titled "Faithful." I saw where others have inquired but I was afraid the post would get buried.

I have even emailed Mercedes in hopes they might provide the song title but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting on a response.

I really, really want to know what the music is for this particular commercial.

All your efforts in helping would be greatly appreciated!

I've listened to that ad several times and I can't swear to it but I truly feel that I've heard it before. More than once. I think it's from a movie soundtrack. Maybe "A River Runs Through It" "Legends Of The Fall" "Meet Joe Black" or "The Horse Whisperer." Possibly even one of those TNT westerns that always have Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck in them.
James Horner, Thomas Newman or Mark Isham are the most likely suspects for such scores but like horseshoes I could be hitting all around the mark here without a ringer.
Sure wish I could place it. It's starting to get on my nerves. <_<
Well it's not "Meet Joe Black" or "Legens Of The Fall." :angry:
I remember checking a few weeks ago, and determined it was not The Thin Red Line, Patriot Games, or Braveheart. I also watched a few scenes of Pearl Harbor, as I thought it might have been from that, but if it is from that movie, I failed to find the right scene (I don't have the soundtrack).

The frustrating part about that commercial is that the music sounds so familiar that when the answer is found, it will either mystify me or stupify me.
Does anyone have the motion picture score for Armageddon? I listened to the snippets (only 5 of 15 are available) on Amazon and they sounded similar, but nothing was an exact match. If someone has this CD, that might be it.
I am almost positive it's the tune from "Dances with Wolves". Haven't seen the movie in a while, but let me know if I'm right.
I'd have to say John Barry is the most likely suspect. It sounds remarkably like themes from both "Dances with Wolves" and "Out of Africa," although it isn't an exact match. More of a hybrid...
I don't believe it's from Dances With Wolves.
At , they say the company that provided the music to the commercial is Amber Music, but I still can't track it down.

That's an awesome commercial - almost makes me want go out and buy a Mercedes (yea, like I can afford one right now..haha) - but with that Faithful song - awesome. If anyone ever comes by the composer or song title, please add it to this forum.
I mistakenly hit a button on the keyboard and my last post disappeared so I will try again.

Thanks for all the brainstorming on the music. Glad to know that I wasn't the only one who thought of film composer, John Barry.

I googled all around until I found the name of the advertising firm that produced the ad. I talked to the producer of the ad and here is the skinny on the music:

The music is an original piece of music created specifically for the ad.

It was written by Martin Hewer of Amber Music in London, England.

I have emailed Amber Music to find out if it is available on CD and will let you know what I find out!

Thanks again for all your help! :D
Thanks you for doing so much leg work to get this music!! It will greatly be appreciated! :lol:

After checking Amber's website I just realized this same guy wrote the clip of music for the 02 M-Class, nice little piece of music as well.

The first time I heard the ad I thought of John Barry's main theme from "Out of Africa". When I spoke with the producer she said they used a temp track when cutting. She did not say what the temp music was.

:D :D
Anyone find out any other info since April??
I'm really curious to find this ad... great tune.

It was a piece written specifically for that commercial and is not available on CD as far as I know.

I suspect that the temp track they cut to was "Out of Africa" because the two pieces are very similar.