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Hi friends!

I'm a first time poster who really enjoys classic swing music. I however, cannot for the life of me recognize the song in the "E3" trailer for the video game mafia. The ad can be downloaded here:


I was really hoping someone could help me out... This song was also featured on the popular TV show "everybody loves raymond" a while back

Many thanks in advance,

That's a really HUGE file to download (28 Mb!!) -- have any smaller examples to listen to/watch instead? :blink:

Do you remember what episode of Raymond you heard the song on? There are a few places with episode guides for shows that will list music heard during that could help you out too...
most of the music that is played on demos and ads for games is actually in the game itself. I had mafia some time back and was able to rip the audio straight from the game cd. you might want to give it a try.
one other thing, since PC games are rarely in high profile, the musical pieces in the game are more than likely original compositions. I really doubt that illusion softworks would purchase rights from an artist for a game which in reality isnt known for its music. I agree with you however, I like it too. That early jazz can be pretty relaxing. B) I'm not sure if I would call it swing though.

That's a faster place to get the movie, and it didn't take me that long. 2 minutes 30 seconds. And wow I didn't realize that game would be that crazy. I played the demo and it wasn't like how the trailer showed it... :blink:

Anyway, try either contacting someone who works at Illusion Softworks or is part of Everybody Loves Raymond, preferably IS. Don't worry, they won't think you're stupid(I think), I've Emailed Kodak about their commercial and they sent me back a nice reply.
Hello folks,

I asked ya'll for some help back in '03 and now in '05 a friend has helped me find an answer to my two year mafia conundrum.

The song is "King of Swing" by Benny Goodman, but it is played with only the instruments and without the guy singing.

Thanks for the help anyway though. My mind, is at peace.
PS: I've been here for 2 years and I'm a "new member."

Viva la internet!