Chinese Song On Youtube

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So I have a lot of guy friends who send me alot of "Guyish" videos. So I was cleaning out my email one day and stumbled on this video my guy friend sent me. Its asian. well me being a fan of asian music, I had to check this out. Well the guy who posted this is a fan of asian girls so I paid them no mind, and minimized the vid while the music was playing and I heard this song that I liked very much, but here's the problem. It's chinese, and really hard to find. Now if this was any other video, I could just simply run it through a video converter and problem solved, however this video is a mesh of different songs not just the one. I was wondering if you can help me find the first song in the vid. To be more specific, its's the song that plays from 0:06 to 0:56. I've already attempted contacting the guy who posted the video and he hasn't returned any of my emails that I sent. I really like this song. Could you please help me find out what it's called and where I can get it?

Thanx so much in advance,