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If anyone cares, Petula Clark's "Downtown" was featured during the opening scene of this season's "Lost" premiere on 4th Oct. It's such an easy one to find, no one even posted about here. So everyone ran over to iTunes, searched on "Downtown", got Clark's song coming in at 3:07 from an album called "The Ultimate Petula Clark". Drove popularity rank for iTunes searches through the roof for that track. Only problem is, that's not the track they used in Lost. The top search hit is a remastered version. It's pretty distinct, the difference, just listening to the sample and comparing it to the "Lost" scene.

The one you want if you want the one from "Lost" is the second search hit, coming in at 3:04, from the album "Downtown -- The Greatest Hits of Petula Clark". You know, if you're like me, geeky enough to care.
Tangent: If you are looking for Petula's Color My World, don't forget that she is British. You have to type Colour My World - iTunes stupidly cannot figure it out for you. Renee Cologne has confirmed that she did sing the "M&Ms Version" of the song and that she appreciates all the interest it got, but apparently it isn't her decision whether she can actually make a full version. :(

Edit: Just to be clear, I think this one limitation of iTunes is stupid - but I do NOT think that iTunes is stupid.
Anybody know what the name of the blues song that was playing when Locke was driving the truck back to the compound?

Looking for name of the song from tonight's Lost episode, it was playing during the funeral scene, sounded like a 50's tune.

The song is an old jazz tune called I Wonder written back in the 403 by Cecil Grant. I actually used to play it in a group and its a favorite of mine. I couldnt tell who was singing it. I have a version by AJ Croce that I love...he sounds a lot like Dr John. I suggest you do a search and see if another performance comes up. It sounded like an old style recording to me....but that might have been deliberate and actually be a modern rendition.
I'm looking for the old country song that was playing during one of the flashbacks to Kate's wedding in the latest episode of Lost. Sadly, I didn't catch the lyrics, although the chorus asked the person addressed to do something "slowly." Thanks in advance!
Any clue on the song playing on the background in the beginning of Lost ( 11/08/06) when Kate is walking down the hallway in the hotel.
Im most certin its a score produced by the show. It will probubly be out on CD someday...
Hey, does anybody know the song that starts playing when Hurley finally gets the car to start?
"Shambala" - Three Dog Night

It's the same song that plays at the beginning of the episode as well.
Hey, does anybody know the song that played in lost when Nikki was dancing in the fake strip club?