1. B

    Lost Season 6

    Hey everyone. During this weeks episode of LOST, near the end when Said (spelling) and Kate were walking past the dead people, there was a nice song playing. Anyone know it? http://www.hulu.com/watch/131783/lost-sundown It starts at 40:04 and ends at 40:52. Thanks for any help you can offer. John
  2. B

    Lost Season 5

    Does anyone know the classical piano song that Daniel was playing during the episode?
  3. B

    Lost Season 4

    hi. i was wondering what was ben playing on the piano?
  4. S

    Lost Season 3

    If anyone cares, Petula Clark's "Downtown" was featured during the opening scene of this season's "Lost" premiere on 4th Oct. It's such an easy one to find, no one even posted about here. So everyone ran over to iTunes, searched on "Downtown", got Clark's song coming in at 3:07 from an album...
  5. Sir_Garland


    I just started watching a few weeks ago and have been trying to figure stuff out. Is there anyone that watches this then can catch me up to speed?
  6. S

    Lost Season 2

    On Jan 5 episode, what was the french song that the girl (Megan?) sang at the end of the show?
  7. C

    Lost Season 1

    Does anybody know the name of the song that was playing during the final 2 minutes of tonight's (10/6) "Lost?" It had a really mellow beat but the lyrics were kind of muffled on my TV. The only lyrics I could really catch were "no more crying" and "things going to wash away" ... Sorry I can't...
  8. B


    Hey - does anyone know the song playing in the background of the commercial for "Lost" (a new show on ABC)? It's a slow song and I'm pretty sure it's from a movie soundtrack. It's one of those songs you've heard a million times before but can't remember the name of. Thanks!