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On Jan 5 episode, what was the french song that the girl (Megan?) sang at the end of the show?
It was remade by Bobby Darin as "Beyond The Sea", which you may know. It was originally written in the early 20th century by Charles Trenet.
Just by curiosity was this past episode a rerun? I haven't watched it in so long!
No, it was the first new epsiode since the little Christmas break.
Dang it!! ok all I saw was when she got the little airplane and she was all upset and said it belonged to the man I loved then she said killed. If you don't mind could you fill me in? My obsessed friend is out of town so i can't call her. :)
Short version:

Kate found a briefcase in a lagoon that belonged to the marshall who arrested her. After much ado she told Jack that the key was in the dead (and buried) marshall's wallet. They dug him up and opened the briefcase, which contained cash, guns, ammo and an envelope.

In a flashback it was revealed that Kate was involved in a bank robbery. She turned on her accomplices (including one that was her boyfriend). She only wanted to get into a safety deposit box, which contained an envelope. She had set the other robbers up from the beginning.

In the envelope (revealed when she and Jack opened the briefcase) was the little plane. And you saw from there on...

Other plotlines:
Charlie was comforted by Rose, and Sayid and Shannon got a bit flirty. She translated some papers he stole from the French lady. They turned out to have the words to "La Mer". Hence this whole topic, I suppose.

Hope that brings you up to speed!
For anyone who is a complete "Lost" fanatic (as I am) I highly recommend TheFuselage.com

It's a wonderful message community the show's producers set up. Quite a few VIP's have been there to post messages and interact with fans - JJ Abrams, Jorge Garcia, Terry O'Quinn, etc.

:D There's been quite a bit of discussion there about the French song - "La Mer" and whether or not it is the song that was in "Finding Nemo." Or that "fish cartoon" as Maggie called it.
On last week's episode, the blonde chick is helping the Iraqi dude translate the text on the pages. Does anybody know the name of the song she sings towards the end? Its "Across The Sea" but in French. Can I get some help?
whats the song tha was playing at the end of lost? i came across it just was the cd player on the show cut out. its a dude singing, guitar, kinda reminded me of rufus w. help me.
Are you sure that's it? I listened to "Delicate" by Damien Rice and it doesn't sound like it.
Definitely is "Delicate". I've been a huge fan of his for a couple years, and as soon as that guitar part started I wet my pants. They used mostly the end, when he sings higher, and the mix of it sounded cleaner than on the album (he recorded it pretty much in his bedroom).

But no question, it was "Delicate".
sorry to tell you guys. but you're wrong.

the song is called "Wash Away" by Joe Purdy.