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Hey - does anyone know the song playing in the background of the commercial for "Lost" (a new show on ABC)? It's a slow song and I'm pretty sure it's from a movie soundtrack. It's one of those songs you've heard a million times before but can't remember the name of. Thanks!
hey can anyone find a commercial that was super funny but doesnt seem to be on TV anymore

its the 'Thomson Okanagan whitewater riverrafting' commercial it had this hilarious music, I also remember it had profiles of 2 people Mark & Kim and that one was a cocktail waitress or something..

another one is a reactin commercial where the stick-man farts as he is swimming down

and last but not least is one of the early gunk ones

the one where a lady takes her car into a mechanic shop and he says 'your car is full of gooonk' and she says 'oooooo gooonk' as she faints or something

anyway I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can point me in the direction on where to find these long lost classics.

anyone like the new immodium twister commercial?
I found this off eonline's message boards and I hadn't seen it before. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew what the song was. Thanks for any help in advance.
I know I'm a little late to the game on this one, but I figured there might be some people interested in this info, plus I didn't see it listed under search, so maybe this makes someone's day.

The song's from Portishead (still waiting for a new album, guys!) and it's called "Numb"

Again, my apologies if this was posted earlier.
:unsure: Hey I was wondering if anybody knew the music playing in the "LOST" commercial. I haven't seen it on TV lately but i saw it a while ago. Here's a link to the actual commercial, but make sure you have quicktime alrighty!?


BTW the commercial in question has the picture of the blonde girl lookin up, w/ mascara drippin, and under the description says:

Lost (music)
Client: Channel 4
Shoot Date: 3/19/2005

The song is called "Numb" by Portishead. Its from their album, Dummy.
Okay in these "LOST Character Promos", there is music in the back that I for the lfie of me cannot place. Its not Gladiator, Passion of the Christ or the new BSG music. If someone could help that would be awesome.

Thanks! I think it can be best heard on Jack's and Locke's.
Lost Season 2

The awesome promo for next week's episode of LOST has some instrumental music playing at the very beginning. Does anyone know what it is? It sounds familiar, like maybe it's similar to another instrumental score. Can anyone help???

Thanks in advance!!!!!!
Chances are you've found and original song - hopefully it will be out on a future soundtrack.

Might be by Michael Giacchino.
It sounds a bit like Michael Giacchino, who does most of the original music. Very nice sounding - does it appear in the show itself anytime? If it does, chances are it will come out in a future soundtrack.
Any ideas on the music used in the promo for next weeks lost? (aired at the end of wednesday's episode)