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in 1970's, the most violent show on tv, abc " starsky & hutch " because the show had to many fight scenes in it, too many times the main characters hit someone in the face or stomach, not a lot of cussing! abc came down on the show, we allows only in one episode that 1-3 fight scenes, 3-4 hit scenes, and nonsense rules that drove the show to cancelled. this show indirectly, a different kind of censorship to tv came to form, that the networks still practice today! with cable channels are more lean than prime channels like abc, nbc ,cbs, fox, and the c.w.! because the prime-time hours are from 7-10 or 8-11, with cable after 9 or 10 clock programing, let shows has more cuss words, and little bit more violent in them. in the last 20 years, the producers in shows or trying to get away, with more things to past by the censorship like " south pole " ( you probably can think of other shows that does that ! ), when a show used the word like "frak " and you know what other 4 letter words they are trying to said ! the question is with tv censorship these days, should censorship light up with rules allows things to pass? should more censorship be in tv?