Lincoln "Who Will Be Next?" contest


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There was a Cadillac commercial during the Grammy's. The band was featured during the commercial. The song was "shiny tin something." Maybe that was the band. The commercial also mentioned a contest.
Re: Cadillac commercial during the grammy's

Shiny Toy Guns performed a few songs for Lincoln. Is that what you're thinking of? If so, have you any lyrics to define which song you're looking for? If you search Shiny Toy Guns here, it should hit on each of the songs from them in the Lincoln ads.
Re: Cadillac commercial during the grammy's

Lincoln ran all the ads from the past year during the Grammy Awards featuring music by Shiny Toy Guns and Sia. Each ad included a new ad at the end promoting a Lincoln online contest to pick the next music act to be featured in a new Lincoln commercial.

The new Lincoln ad featured a new live performance video of "Major Tom" by Shiny Toy Guns, which you can see and download from the Lincoln official site:

Major Tom (Live Version)
by Shiny Toy Guns

Download from Lincoln