1. N

    Lincoln Financial "Foam Finger" football

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song in the football version of the Lincoln Financial "Chief Life Officer" commercials? The lyrics are: "here we are, me and you, on the road, and we know that it goes on and on, oh oh on the road, oh oh on the road, oh oh all the way."
  2. A

    2012 Lincoln

    What is the music used in the TV commercial for one of the Lincoln MK - models? I don't know if it's MKZ or MKX or MKS. The music is classical in composition.
  3. C

    2011 Lincoln

    I know this is probably a long shot, but I'm looking for a song that has been in a commercial for one of the new Lincoln MK(XZ,etc) vehicles. It's basically a far away shot out of the vehicle as it's driving through like a valley or winding road area while the guy talks about the new vehicle...
  4. L

    2011 Lincoln

    Hi there, So I recently heard song in the background of a Lincoln 2011 commercial (I forget which model), and I loved it. I have searched the net for it, and have found other Lincoln songs. It is not the one from "Something New", not Shiny Toy Guns, not the dubstep one. *It was an...
  5. W

    2011 Lincoln MKZ

    Hi all. I just saw a new Lincoln MKZ commercial. It sounded like a violin heavy track. Violin and Cello maybe? Anyone know what I'm talking about? (If it helps, it's a lincoln canada commercial)
  6. E

    2011 Lincoln MKZ

    Saw another Lincoln MKZ commercial today, this song was NOT Paradise Circus or Major Tom. This one was a downtempo/dub track, its on the newest MKZ commercials... and I cant seem to even find the video on the net yet. any help? thanks
  7. W

    2011 Lincoln MKZ Wishlist Event holiday

    I was wondering if anyone knew the song from this commercial, the new wishlist event one where John Slattery is driving through a bunch of christmas lights. I can't even find a video for this one but it's been going for about a week.
  8. C

    2011 Lincoln MKX "Something New"

    Lincoln has done it again, an ad with cool sounding music. The vocal at the beginning sounds the same as in the Shiny Toy Guns songs, but I can't be sure. The Lincoln website doesn't appear to have the music page any more. Any opinions on what this song might be and by who?
  9. nmichave

    2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid "All Things Equal"

    How about this cool ad: Massive Attack and Paradise Circus, the Gui Borrato mix. GREAT music
  10. I


    I've been trying to find a song but everytime I look for it it's not the right one, can someone post all the songs from all the lincoln commercials, so I can find the one I'm looking for. Thanks
  11. S

    Lincoln David Wright

    It has David Wright in the car, and I think its only played on SNY (the new york sports channel) Please answer
  12. S

    Lincoln Launch Event

    Here we go again with these. It's the newest ad that shows one of their SUV's "taking off" on a lighted runway, the music sounds like a cover of "Don't Fear the Reaper" And no it's not Major Tom, Space Oddity, Under the Milky Way or Burning for You. Any ideas?
  13. D

    Lincoln "Who Will Be Next?" contest

    There was a Cadillac commercial during the Grammy's. The band was featured during the commercial. The song was "shiny tin something." Maybe that was the band. The commercial also mentioned a contest.
  14. jca

    2010 Lincoln lineup "Wired Luxury"
  15. jca

    Lincoln Wishlist Sales Event

    The new Lincoln "Wishlist" commercial is continuing their recent campaign of using female singers doing cover songs. The most recent Lincoln Sales Event ad features a cover of "Driver's Seat" by Sniff 'n' The Tears. Anyone have any information on who is doing the cover for the TV spot?
  16. S

    2010 Lincoln MKT "Under the Milky Way"

    This commercial for a lincoln crossover/SUV looking vehicle (called the MKX/MKT, not sure which) came on during house tonight. It featured a female singing, I'm unable to find anything else about this commercial out, but it feels like I wont sleep tonight until I've found this song. So far fox...
  17. L

    2010 Lincoln MKS "Burnin' for You"

    Anyone know the artist?
  18. J

    Lincoln web site "Reach Higher" 2010 MKS

    Hello, I search the title of the song on the Lincoln web site. Thanks a lot !;)
  19. jca

    Lincoln to Major Tom

    The new 2010 Lincoln MKZ TV commercial (called "Luxury at Lightspeed") continues an out of this world ad campaign trip with a cover of the track "Major Tom (Coming Home)" by the group Shiny Toy Guns. Originally by 1980s German synthpop musician Peter Schilling, "Major Tom (Coming Home)" is...
  20. I

    2010 Lincoln MKZ "Luxury at Lightspeed" Major Tom

    Some of the lyrics "Standing Parallel my ship is waiting all systems are go, are you sure? Control is not convinced that the computer has the evidence."