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The new Lincoln "Wishlist" commercial is continuing their recent campaign of using female singers doing cover songs.

The most recent Lincoln Sales Event ad features a cover of "Driver's Seat" by Sniff 'n' The Tears. Anyone have any information on who is doing the cover for the TV spot?
That must be a local ad as I have not seen it on TV here in Las Vegas. Can you give us a link to it so we can help you ID the song. I have found the iPhone app Shazam to be quite helpful in identifying released songs. Play the song, the iPhone listens and if it is a released song it tells you what the title is and who the artist is.
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Hi i am looking for the song in the new lincoln car commerical i just saw it watching an episode of white collar on USA network , here is the link to it on [ame][/ame]

I know the song is Driver's Seat Originally done by Sniff n Tears , but i was wondering who made the remake of this song for this commercial and where i can find it to download it thank you very much i hope you can help
It’s got to be Shiny Toy Guns once again (they’ve done other covers for music in Lincoln TV spots). Great remixes, all! :)
I don't think this Sniff n the Tears remake is by Shiny Toy Guns. Any other thoughts. Lincoln has not posted the ad on their website.
It's a killer version... I've been hunting for it too. I'll post back if I can find it!
I concur - it isn't RatBoy. I figured that out AFTER I bought the RatBoy version on iTunes. Doh. The music is similar but not the vocals.
after listening to ratboy76 it doesnt even sound the same as the commercial, there is a female voice in the commercial segment. ratboy76 version is good but it doesnt sound the same. commercial sounds like DHTs version
Actually, it is Ratboy76, although it has been remixed for the ad and now has female vocals overdubbed. Nonetheless this is a killer track. There are several available remixes of this tune, all of them good. But the one closest to the Lincoln Wish List TV spot is the Driver's Seat (radio edit). If you listen to both the tv ad and this one you can compare and, vocals aside, this is most likely the version used in the spot. Here's a link to this remix, with a free prelisten available.
Sorry, it is not ratboy76. I have listened to all the remakes on iTunes and it is not there. I was surprised to see just how many remakes of Driver's Seat there are though!

Any other ideas? I would love to have the song.
Once again, it IS Ratboy76. I've been over this track again and again. Really no need to keep banging your head against a wall here. I know that the remix for television sounds better because there's a female singing, but it's Ratboy nevertheless.
Even disregarding the female vocals, the commercial is not using a Ratboy 76 version. The two do not even sound alike. The commercial version is smoother and more ethereal sounding. The Ratboy 76 versions are more crisp sounding. They are not the same.
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There is a new commercial featuring a song that I remember from the any of you have an idea of what I am talking about?
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It's for the wishlist countdown and has one the lyrics...try to see????