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The new 2010 Lincoln MKZ TV commercial (called "Luxury at Lightspeed") continues an out of this world ad campaign trip with a cover of the track "Major Tom (Coming Home)" by the group Shiny Toy Guns.

Originally by 1980s German synthpop musician Peter Schilling, "Major Tom (Coming Home)" is one of several songs referencing the fictional astronaut Major Tom character created by David Bowie. Major Tom first appeared in the song "Space Oddity" by Bowie. Given that connection to the same Bowie character, it only makes sense that the new Lincoln ad features an "ad song sequel" to the previous 2009 Lincoln MKZ "Liftoff" commercial. That ad uses a cover of "Space Oddity" by artist Cat Power. (Which sadly, like all Cat Power TV commercial cover songs, is not available to the public.)

Apart from their new cover song in the Lincoln TV spot, the group Shiny Toy Guns are no strangers to TV commercial ad music -- their song "Le Disko" was featured in a Motorola Motorola RAZR 2 commercial.

In a move that more companies are finally starting to embrace, Lincoln has posted the song "Major Tom (Coming Home)" as a free download on their official website. It is good to see an American automaker doing something right.

Update: Well it looks like we spoke too soon. Lincoln has removed the free song download from their site. It must have been the "American automaker doing something right" comment that jinxed it. According to a rep for Ford on Twitter: Our initial agreement w/ Shiny Toy Guns was 30K downloads. They went fast once we hit twitter, facebook. Sorry could not get more

Major Tom
by Shiny Toy Guns

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